“In regards to "More Than Meets The Eye", "You song crapest that i hear no i dont like this song sorry but nope. i hate sings like thiss"”

A one-star scout - SliceThePie.com

“This typical boy band was like the Jonas Brothers and they did play well for the tune and beat was smoothly flowing and the singer knows how to adjust his voice when needed.”

A four-star scout - SliceThePie.com

“Whats this? The guy is kind of rapping white style. It is rushed, odd and generally unpleasant. Cannot figure out the audience to music”

A two-star scout - SliceThePie.com

“In regards to "Bposi", "I liked the energy and liveliness of this song. the vocal delivery is right on point. This is a band that knows what it’s doing. Not many people out there will hear this song playing and ignore it or try to turn it off. The guitar and bass efforts fit in perfectly well and gave the song something diverse and hugely complemented the strong vocal rendition. Overall, a solid track."”

A Three-star scout - SliceThePie.com

“Exploding with a chirpy vocal and straight in with a delightfully brisk melody, it reminded me of early Green Day and I loved the way that he spun out the lyrics with that earnest voice. The guitar work was lively and there was enough zest in this to suggest it could get radio play.”

A three-star scout - SliceThePie.com

“In regards to "Live Life To Death! (Clap! Clap!), "The instrumental needs a little more work and delete the clapping part dude. The lyrics are ok, and the voice of the singer is good."”

A three-star scout - SliceThePie.com