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“Dane Riley is a phenomenal artist with a versatile music style that transcends to all audiences. His ability and talent is amazing leaving audience captivated during his performances. Dane has a unique stage presence that is profound and mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

“Deadly Smooth”

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“Dane is a versatile phenomena with the talent and ability as a trendsetter with staying power now and for the future. Longevity gives him the ability enabling each composition to be taken to the next level where his music offers something for everyone.”

“Musical artist Dane Riley releases a wonderful R&B/Funk CD, "Ultimate Remix Collection-Volume One." Riley is a one man band as he not only produced and composed these songs but he also sings and performs all musical instruments. The song, "I Like To Jam (Original Version)" has a warm and inviting tonality as Riley sings with a sweet and charming intonation. Another song, "Feel Good (Original Version)" has a smooth vibe as the bold bass line swirls around the intoxicating vocals. The track, "One & Only (Vocal Remix)" lets Riley showcase his emotive vocals on this thought provoking song. This album is comprised of some finely crafted melodiess and it will surely please your heart and soul. If you like smooth R&B/Funk then the excellent album, "Ultimate Remix Collection-Volume One," is just the CD you need to listen to. Posted by RadioIndy at 9:29 PM”

“Dane Riley is the master of electro- fusion, retro dance. The music takes over and energizes with its powerful beat. Dane brings the old school to the new school. Lay back relax and enjoy the master is in the house. ”

“Talented artist, Dane Riley, serves up some delectable Electronic Soul/Funk/R&B dance music on his recently released CD, "All About The Dance." Riley is a one man show on this album as not only did he compose these songs but he also plays all instrumentation's/sound effects and sings. The percussive beats on the song, "Discotheque," swirl around the synth strings while Riley chimes in with a silky vocal tonality. "Techno Dance," ignites with splashy drum beats as the synth plays a catchy riff that will have you grooving to the rocking beat. The smooth grooves on the song, "Shake It, Do It, Move It," has a captivating charm as Riley sings his melodic lyrics with a cool velvety style. If you like fresh and original Electronic dance music that has all the right moves then you will like the well crafted songs on the album, "All About The Dance." Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team ”

"Where Would I Be" by Dane Riley is a fine collection of songs from several different genres. R&B, Funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz and a Latin flair, makes this album a great piece of work. Dane has found a nice balance mixing instrumental tracks into this album. There is also some nice guitar playing and effects here that was missing from last years "The Return of Funk" album (which holds its own without it). There are some great songs here with fine vocals and nice background harmonies. "I Like To Jam" has a great beat and rhythm, while 2&4 is a slamming tribute to Prince. The instrumental track "Mixin It Up" pumps a hard groove with nice guitar effects. But the gem on this album is the outstanding song "You Don't Love Me Blues". This song is deep with a blazing two minute guitar solo at the end. This album is sure to please and fulfill your musical appitite.

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"Superb smooth tracks you really have some talent"

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“Multi-talented artist Dane Riley and his latest album "Where Would I Be," is a collection of songs in which he writes/performs all of the music and lyrics while fusing the genres of R&B, Soul, Funk, and the Blues with a computerized sound that is well produced and has a dynamic balance. "I Like To Jam" is a groovy number that has great bass and guitar interplay and that is so catchy it might make you want to get up and dance. "Mixin It Up" is a quicker moving song in which we really hear the influence of Funk as Riley shows us some of his talented and pleasantly-effected, guitar playing. "The Bright Side" is a song with a little bit more of a modern flare as it employs a great urban/R&B rhythm. This is an album in which we hear Dane Riley dive into his synthesizer and electric instruments to give us a compilation of songs that subtly blends numerous genres into a danceable product.”

“Funky, laid back, classy at its best....we need more songs like these. Loving it!! You Don't Love Me Blues is on point ”

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“All i can say is this is very moving...and very emotional. Hats off to you my friend. I felt every note!”

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