Dan Cioper / Press

“If you ever find yourself yearning for the days of decades gone by when songs on the radio were actually credible and good...you may very well find yourself instantly falling in love with the music of Dan Cioper.”

“With a bit of luck, this guy could easily find himself with tons of fans all over the world. He's got the tunes...he's got the voice...and most importantly...he's got the presence and personality to pull it off.”

"My friend, Daniel Cioper, is someone we desperately need more of in this world: a very talented musician who also has a soul and a highly developed social conscience for peace, justice and equality."

"His voice reflects a younger Paul Simon..."

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“Texas native Dan Cioper has been making music in the Austin area for the past nine years after his childhood in Minnesota. Warrior Utopian is Cioper’s first full length album since the death of his wife two years ago, and the eleven tracks all carry emotion stemming from the event, as well as the political criticism and activism that Cioper has been known for. The wide emotional scope of the album is mirrored in its full instrumentation, involving a number of fellow Austin area musicians, including producer Courtney Audain and others.”