Dancell / Press

“Baby band. Just starting up, but I think they have a lot of potential! I just feel very envious of their talents. I discovered them from the WassabiProductions youtube videoo.. cuz they sent Alex and Roi some BAND SHIRTS! This band of young guys has a mellow sound and rockin beats. Not even out of high school yet. These guys will be someone I follow from now on~They are a group that could be on radio soon, just if they are discovered..”

“Dancell is an alternative rock group out of Jacksonville, FL. Drummer/vocalist Patrick Dancel and bassist/vocalist Jun Condez both attended Fletcher High School, while guitarist Sherwin Rio and keyboardist Mark Micolucci both attend Stanton College Prep. They also have a newly added guitarist named Chavis Fullmore. I’ve listened to every song that this group has on their MySpace page, and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty impressed. I normally don’t like that genre of music, but it’s impressive that they’ve managed to put something so good together.”