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With influences from pop, gothic and serial killer thrillers, the project was born in 2014 on the edges of Vinny's back yard lake in Florida, dipped in a bunch of feelings when he was watching the sunset and listening to the Nightmare on Elm Street soundtrack.
Dance in the Dark means take the dark side of our life, the problems and fears and play with this.
Vinny Almes was born in São Paulo in the early 90s, where for 22 years had contact with diverse arts.
At 10 year old, he started piano lessons, his first instrument. A few months later, he switched to the violin, while continuing to learn the piano on his own.
In the mid-2000s, he decided with his friends to take a theater class at a local institution, where he lost his shyness. He continued studying acting professionally for a few years until he started university where he learned fashion design.
During this time, Vinny worked as a costume designer for awards shows in Brazil and composed soundtracks for theater performances.
At the age of 23, his passion for the 1980’s scene and his experiences inspired "You're Right, I Don't Deserve,” his first full length album as singer, songwriter and producer.
Throughout the year of 2016, Dance in the Dark made fans around the world, traveled to a couple of cities in the United States to perform "You're Right, I Don't Deserve' among the best local artists and released four singles from the album and their respective music videos produced and direct by Vinny Almes and Alex Korolkovas.
Some b-sides recorded during the time when he created the first Dance in the Dark songs were also released with the singles.
Vinny never gave a break to his creative process, composing more than 20 songs between January and December of 2016 and he gave fans a taste of some new music when he offered for streaming to the fans the experimental track "Don't Give Up" in October.
In August of 2016, the idea for the second album came alive.

"It's Not Gonna Hurt" (2017), which was originally going to be just a small EP, grew into the second Dance in the Dark album, leaving more than 15 additional songs to be worked on in the future.
The music on this record is still inspired by serial killer thrillers and sounds more experimental compared to the first work, but without losing the 80's feeling and Vinny's favorite soundtrack inspirations.

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Vinny Almes - Vocals
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Dance in the Dark
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
Vinny Almes

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