Dan Caro / Press

“Headline: Santana ignites, George Lopez brings laughs at the Bowl <excerpt> "No one, it seemed, had a more memorable moment Saturday night than Santana’s special guest, Dan Caro, who suffered burns in a fire 30 years ago but whom the guitarist described as “extraordinary” and a “testament of spiritual traction” for refusing to make excuses for his condition. “I choose to be positive,” Caro said, asking the crowd: “If I can play the drums, and I have no hands cause the fire took them, then what can you do?” By then they were on their feet cheering him on, as he proceeded to show off his drumming chops. ..."”

“Headline: Dan Caro lives life with gratititude and thankfulness”

“Modern Drummer Playing Without Limits <excerpt> "For some of us, drumming is an outlet from daily life. For others it’s a full-time job. But for Dan Caro, drumming is much more than a source of recreation and income: It’s a means for strength, inspiration, and independence. As he states and truly believes, “I owe a lot to drumming.” ......con't" ”

Michael Dawson - Modern Drummer