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“Dana Gaynor is one of our music scene’s true icons and veterans. She’s won awards, and has played and toured with world-renowned artists. All of Dana’s influences and experiences seem to come together splendidly on her band’s latest release, “Power to the People,” a seamless 14-track journey through the lands of blues, funk, country, and rock and roll. Dana’s guitar work on “Power to the People” is, as expected, magnificent. One thing to note about “Power to the People” is versatility. “Frenchman’s Wife” draws its main influence from country, while “Ghost Train” showcases the band’s blues side. Meanwhile, the album’s title track brings out the funk as Gaynor cries out for mankind to stand together and find unity in the world’s madness. By crossing so many different styles and appealing to so many different tastes, Dana Gaynor makes it possible to find that unity, not only through her lyrics, but through a thoughtful album that offers something for ”

““The Dana Gaynor Band slammed the lid on the night with an exceptional set of original blues geared tunes. Simply put, namesake/singer Dana Gaynor is an incredible guitar player who demonstrated constant mastery on her instrument! A career performer who worked with such names as Dan Hicks, John Cippolina of Qicksilver Messenger Service, Tommy Castro, Buddy Miles and more, Dana delivered stunning guitar solo and slide work that made jaws hit the floor! Her support cast wasn’t shabby either. Michael “Pozz” Pozzebon balanced the presentation with excellent keyboard solos and fills, while bassist Tony Mancino and drummer Frank Zelasney provided driving rhythms.... Dana Led the group through smoking blues-rock anthems from their latest CD, Power to the People; including the title song, Tip My Hat to the Maker, Black Moon, In the Land of the Fool’s Gold, The Damage is Done and more. This was an excellent showcase from start to end and one of the biggest highlights of the Millenn”

“That Music Magazine recently shined their light on the Lehigh Valley and interviewed one of their beloved regional acts; The Dana Gaynor Band. All of the musicians, highly successful in their own right, meshed well together ...(their) music is Jam-based.. A lot of the stars that (Dana) hung out (played) with were from the Grateful Dead circle of friends, and the psychedelic jam bands from San Francisco's hay day...At the same time (she) also played with a lot of international blues players. In the last two years there has been two albums...Power to The People is the second of the two....(it) continues to get rave review since its release in November 16, 2015. Songs from the album can be heard on various radio stations, websites, and iTunes where the album can be purchased as well. “ The Dana Gaynor Band; legendary musicians, experienced sounds, and a whole lot of jamming. What’s not to love? Visit their website, their Soundcloud, Facebook and Reverbnation.”

"Power To The People" - The Dana Gaynor Band By Jenny Cat Rocking some stanky blues, The Dana Gaynor Band brings you back to a time where musicians actually play their own instruments. In dazzling form, lead guitarist, Dana Gaynor doesn't hold back and lets it all hang out on this fourteen song symphony to the low-down and dirty within us all. "Power To The People" takes us on a guitar and sexy groove soaked journey through the emotions of life. I'd buy it twice just to have one copy in my car and another in my pocket to give to a friend. Do yourself a favor and do the same because I already gave my second copy to my mom.

“The Dana Gaynor Band “Power to the People” LP The Dana Gaynor Band is back with another new effort that is getting airplay both nationally and globally. It is currently #1 with a bullet on ReverbNation in the Jam category and also #1 on NumberOneMusic.com worldwide! Radio stations have picked up on the release and are adding it to their play lists in a hot rotation. NICE! If you are into a combination of the blues, rock, jazz, fusion, funk, rockabilly and country, you'll not want to gloss over this effort, there is something for everyone on this LP.”

“The Dana Gaynor Band “Power to the people” Euphoric Rebel Records . It’s jam band meets the blues now. New to me, but turns out that Dana Gaynor is a well-respected guitarist who has teamed up withTony Mancino, Frank Zelasney and Michael (The Pozz) Pozzebon…between them (they) have toured with members of the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Smithereens…and many more. So they’ve got the pedigree and they’ve got the chops which makes the title track, Black Moon, Good Time Feeling really spring to life…when something like Rockabilly Billionaire bounces into earshot you can help but enjoy.”

“It is very rare event when an artist comes along that defies description! Dana Gaynor fits that bill. If I could use one word, it would be exceptional! This multi-talented musician is an undisputed master at her trade and it shows in the way she projects creativity in her music. With accolades that could fill multiple pages, the renowned artists she has played with and the respect she has garnered internationally, Dana's reputation as an elite guitarist is very much in evidence on this 17 track effort...“Laughing At Armageddon” is a masterful compilation of sound that covers many genres and would satisfy any listeners musical tastes. It is refreshing to hear the creativity these talented musicians performed with classy, flawless style. I give this CD a MUST LISTEN and 2 THUMBS UP!”

“Los Angeles, CA – Jam-master fusioneer Dana Gaynor and her Dana Gaynor Band have just released a sizzling album of jam rock, fusion, funk and prog sensibilities, all wrapped up in a focused delivery of spot-on percussion, sexy guitars and hooked-up rhythms."The Infamous Dr. D" is tightly packed with steaming, energetic tunes whose warmth comes right out of the speakers. This is music that will keep you warm in the winter, all by itself."The Dana Gaynor Band is a project I have wanted to do for a long time," says Gaynor. She originally brought the membership together to support her new "Infamous" solo album. But the group "has really blossomed into a force in its own right." Gaynor has been nominated for the Buddy Guy Blues Guitar Award and best all-around performer for the 2006 Lehigh Valley Music Awards. ”