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“Opening for James McMurtry @ Shank Hall - Milwaukee, WI...Opening act Green Bay native Dana Erlandson won over the audience easily with his warm personality, humor and of course his music. This folk rock/Americana artist's original songs were upbeat and enjoyable to listen to. His bluesy number "Illinois Plates," making fun of our visitors from the south, was a big hit with the crowd. In addition to his own songs, he added Jerry Jeff Walker's version of Guy Clark's "LA Freeway" to the set. ”

“Local singer songwriter continues folk and acoustic traditions. As a postman and Green Bay native, Dana Erlandson has been delivering more than just mail to the local community. For more than two decades, the local singer songwriter has delivered his versions of famous folk, acoustic and Americana hits to audiences, while also writing and producing records of his own. Since the 80s, he has recorded a total of nine solo albums including his most recent, “Coming Home,” Rather than touring across the country, Erlandson chose to stay local throughout his career. This has served him well, helping him to form valuable connections with local musicians and promoters in Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison. These connections allowed him to open concerts for artists such as America, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John Hiatt, Melanie, Nanci Griffith, Al Stewart and Jackson Browne. He continues to perform locally as both a solo act and, most recently, as a member of the Roy Orbison Dream Band. ”

“Opening for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band @ Barrymore Theatre - Madison, WI... the absolute highlight of the evening was when the Dirt Band's John McEuen offered his services on banjo in support of Dana's version of Some Of Shelly's Blues. Needless to say this was an offer that could not be refused.”

Roger Kuhns - Door County Compass

“Opening for John Hiatt @ Barrymore Theatre - Madison, WI... Dana Erlandson got things started with a half-hour set. The Green Bay singer/songwriter, who last performed at the Barrymore as an opener for Nanci Griffith in April, is a storyteller at heart. He preludes most songs with an anecdote that ends in a pointed " and it goes like this." Before playing "Illinois Plates," his signature song about northbound vacationers, he wondered at the large crowd assembled in front of the stage: "They said it was gonna be a dancing crowd. I've never played in front of a mosh pit before." He ended the set with "Fixing a Bridge," a song he performed recently at the Steelbridge Song Fest in Sturgeon Bay. ”

Katjusa Cisar - The Capital Times

“Opening for Nanci Griffith @ Barrymore Theatre - Madison, WI...A delightful singer songwriter with a great sense of humor. Dana tells stories in the true tradition of the traveling troubadour. Check this guy out when he hits your town!”

Gabby Parsons Music Director - Triple M Radio WMMM - FM Madison WI

“Opening for Jackson Browne & Pat MacDonald @ Steelbridge Songfest - Sturgeon Bay, WI. ...Dana is a very prolific songwriter... ”

pat mAcdonald - singer/songwriter - Steelbridge Songfest website

“Opening for Todd Snider @ Riverside Ballroom - Green Bay, WI.....Last weekend’s Todd Snider/Michael McDermott/Dana Erlandson show was a great night of music and stage stories that capped of a spring series of concerts by singer/songwriters at the Riverside Ballroom.”

Kendra Meinert - Weekend Magazine/Green Bay Press-Gazette

“Dana, I'm liking your CD a lot. Listened to it once on the way down to Milwaukee, and listening again now. Sharp songwriting....”

Peter Cooper - Music Reviewer - Nashville Tennessean and talking head on CNN, CMT, MSNBC, the BBC

“Opening for Jerry Jeff Walker @ City Centre Theatre - Green Bay, WI...…Local singer/songwriter Dana Erlandson, has a lot of good original songs. He got great mileage out of Illinois Plates, a tantalizing tease of our distinguished visitors. It was a hit with the crowd.…well made personal songs from no one root style, rather touching on blues, country, and folk.”

Warren Gerds - Green Bay Press-Gazette

“Opening for Leo Kottke @ City Centre Theatre - Green Bay, WI.….The album, A Postcard Dream, came out last month. Pontiac Stew, his first effort, hit the market four years ago. His musical offspring certainly made the grade when Erlandson opened for Leo Kottke at City Centre Theatre. Continuing applause after a 45-minute set signaled that an enthusiastic crowd craved an encore.”

Mary Colurso - Green Bay Press-Gazette

“Recently a co-worker stopped by with a CD he’d purchased and realized there was a song on it called “A Postcard Dream.” Once he played it for me I knew that the Curt Teich Postcard Archives had found its theme song. After 21 years of working with postcards I feel a little bit like the postman Dana sings about. I believe I’ve seen postcards of every important, and not so important, location in the world . I traveled a lot when I was young and every once in a while I experience the phenomenon of looking at a postcard and recognizing the view, but not really remembering if I’ve actually been there or if I’m just having my own “postcard dream.” Like Dana’s postman I can honestly say that at least once a day a postcard that I’m handling prompts me to wistfully think, “Wish I was there.” Dana is still playing his heart out at venues all across northern Wisconsin and the upper Midwest. If you’re in the neighborhood you might like to stop by and listen to a few sets.”

“Opening for Lucy Kaplansky @ Cedarburg Cultural Center - Cedarburg, WI....Dana writes very well from the heart, mind and funny bone…it’s comfortable to just sit, listen, and be taken away by the merits of the songs themselves.”

“Dana Erlandson, a postman by day, delivers a melodic mixture of honky-tonk, blues, and folk to appreciative audiences on the Wisconsin folk scene. A true talent, with songs like On The Road Again that describe the weariness of the common man, the beautiful Everything That Matters, and the swaggering Tonight I’m Gonna Get Lucky.”

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