Dana Agnellini / Press

“ONE LIGHT AT A TIME – It is rare for me when I find a collection of songs that I enjoy listening to over and over again. I can always count on Dana’s CD to lift me up, make me smile and make me think. It’s hard to believe this is Dana’s first effort. I will be one of the first in line for his next project! ”

“It is as if Dana looked directly into your Soul. If one (or more or all) of these songs does not touch you a personal way then you need to check your pulse...you can't be breathing. I want everyone I know to hear it.”

“Your songs are food for my soul. I love the lyrics, the melody, the rhythm and, most of all, I Love You. It is the energy of Love that I feel in your music and which, so beautifully, flows from your being.”

“Dana is an artist and songwriter that has obviously worked on his craft and kept his guitar and vocal skills honed as he progresses up the ladder of viable, influential Positive Music artists. Dana’s voice is always right on and easy on the ears. If you bring Dana to your church or center I’ll bet you will have a rockin’ good time and present a high quality professional show.”

“He just sat down and he began playing. His range and capacity is quite varied. he is equally comfortable with ballads and with contemplative, meditative music.”

“Dana’s music is really dynamic, driving in a positive sense while remaining hard hitting socially and consciously. What a great collective message. I agree with my husband Mark Torgeson, his singing voice has an open expressiveness, and clarity, that really reveals the tenderness of his inner voice. Congratulations!”

Carol Fitzpatrick, Author, founder of Aruya - Aruya Newsletter

“Today Agnellini's music is marketed as inspirational with vocals reminiscent of folk-rock artist Jackson Browne. Agnellini's music is filled with empowering messages and takes it's influence from classic rock, country, folk and blues,”

“The CD is very cool, it almost sounds like I'm listening to Jackson Browne at times. I was most impressed with Dana's voice.”

“Dana is an amazing musician. When he weaves his music in with his talk he has this great ability to open up the hearts of the people so that they can receive a message that they can appreciate.”