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“It’s always a pleasure to review a disc that is so professionally packaged and well executed as Daydreamer. Singer/songwriter Moodie should be proud of his work, as he obviously put much time and effort into writing and producing it. His material is not only intelligently crafted in terms of melody and groove; he clearly spends the requisite time to write thought provoking lyrical themes. Madmonk Overall Grade: A ”

MadMonk - New Artisit Radio.com

“Damond Moodie, out of Oakland, writes and sings songs with an old-fashioned mix of acoustic R&B and pop. Although he's been compared to Lenny Kravitz, Seal, Ben Harper and Tracy Chapman, he also sounds like something great from the more distant past. He's like those '60's and '70's artists whose poetry reflected real heart and soul, who meant it when they sang about peace and love — and managed to throw in some funky melody, too. His excellent new recording is "Daydreamer." We particularly like uplifting tracks three ("The Blues") and eight ("Blessed"). ”

Leslie Katz, Preview Editor - insidebayarea.com

“Guitarist and vocalist Damond Moodie spoke of how much he enjoyed playing for this group...The lyrics “I know this will pass. Tomorrow will be brighter . . .” resonated with glistening eyes and nodding heads around the room. For an evening in this warm house concert, a talented, insightful man from Cleveland, Ohio connected with every heart as these courageous ladies responded with smiles, clapping hands, and stomping feet. “You bring him back!””

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