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“Independent artist Damn Pigeon from Ontario, Canada released the excellent Whisky Sinners CD. This is not quite a Metal album but it is much heavier than the average Rock record. I have struggled on where to put this release on my list. Some of it is Metal, some Hard Rock and other parts just good ‘ol Rock n Roll. Tough call. Either way, an excellent CD that you need to check out.”

"The guitars crunch, the vocals are melodic and the backbeat is heavy. The perfect mix. Another example is the faster paced, “Kill Switch” with its double kicks. Easily one of the many stand out tracks on the album..."

“Overall, an enjoyable album that takes some of the aspects of 80’s Metal and make them fresh again. WHISKY SINNERS is a new classic Hard Rock album.”

“Southern Ontario’s Damn Pigeon return with an edgier follow-up to 2014‘s RE-COOP. The slightly heavier new disc is not a drastic change of pace than previously heard but enough to notice and give the tunes that extra little bit of oomph. As much as I liked RE-COOP, I like this one more already. WHISKY SINNERS is a more uniform album with a more cohesive sound. It flows better as one song works off the next with no drastic change of pace. A solid disc from start to finish as it incorporates many different styles, yet remains true to it’s Metal roots. From the first single, “Starlight” to the last track on the CD, “Everywhere” you’re in for a beautiful listening experience. Doug’s vocals echo back to the late 80’s Melodic Hair Metal while the drums and bass give it the heaviness and the guitar is the glue that gels them all together. The track “Whisky, Sinners, Devils and You” is the perfect example of this formula.”

"All of which brings us to Whisky Sinners. I think I will use many comparisons to other bands in this review. That’s not to say the music is derivative by any means, but simply a way for me to describe what I’m hearing stylistically. For example, the lead off track “Starlight” is flat out Skid Row, until the bridge, which has great vocal harmonies and a very good guitar line. “The Night In You” has a bit of Sixx AM and a dash of Scorpions. “Haunted” is a heavier track, but with interesting sonic harmonies and an innovative drum line. I’m hearing everything from Alice in Chains to early Our Lady Peace (Naveed era)."

"Damn Pigeon are one of those bands you can’t believe you’ve just discovered..."

““Whiskey Sinners” features driving guitars and bass lines, and a vocal line hinting at Meat loaf. “The Night In You”, highlights cool drum phrasing, killer vocals and a Deep purple vibe , these guys cross all styles of rock genre with no fear. Stripper Crotch, need I say anymore? My favorite riff on the whole record…it’s sick for sure. Starlight is a very Deep Purple sounding tune with a metal twist on it. Cool harmonies, harmonics, killer drumming and a ripping guitar solo. She’s like a drug has a cool 90’s Seattle vibe to it combined with some Iron Maiden style riffage, a very interesting combination….and it works. Pound is another song that caught my attention. A Sound Garden style tune, the vocal line in the chorus rips and keeps you engaged…. All in all, this album really knocked my socks off. DP manages to morph a number of English and American styles of rock into their own style and it really works. Fine musicianship, good songwriting..."”


“Good old Canada are back with yet another, though this act actually aren't a newly formed sensation - they originally joined forces in 1991, that same year from whence fellow Canadian melodic rock monsters Von Groove and Harem Scarem unleashed their debut cornerstones. Damn Pigeon got it back off the ground however hence this smashing modern day pop rock treat. Trippy, bluesy guitars, set at all rhythms in the range just melt into each other with the solos sizzling on top. The breezy, deep voice of frontman Doug Weir smokes hot on top of it to tell you dishes including ‘I'm Down', ‘Gift Horse',‘Tomorrow', ‘If I Can't Have You', ‘Benjamin Suicide', ‘Who Cares' and ‘Dead Man's Shoes' are ready for serving with big toppings of barbecue sauce. Sturdy, slick, modern hard rock with an innocent alternative taste on top, Pigeon's five lads live an enviable all year long summer by the sounds of this album. Perhaps we ought to hop in the open-topped motor and make our way out”

“Former Syre frontman Doug Weir’s new band Damn Pigeon released this album of excellent Melodic Rock songs in 2014. While I am a little slow writing this review I have not stopped playing and enjoying this disc... After getting this album and putting it on my stereo I really liked the sounds instantly. It was familiar yet different. It was melodic yet had heavy aspects to it. It was raw with some great production. I liked it and it hasn’t been far from my player ever since. The song “Gift Horse” really stands out as an all out rocker. It just kicks on all levels, the groove, the beat…everything. Another of my favourite tracks is “Asshole Lives” with it’s true to life lyrics. This is probably the heaviest song on the album with the bass just really prominent in the mix then an over the top guitar solo just brings it home. The other standout to me is “Dead Man’s Shoes” with more of that upfront bass. Just a killer track all around. Melodic Rock at it’s finest. ”

“...the overall feeling is one of happiness. This sort of rock will never die and when it’s done in its purest form, you can’t really argue with it. Recoop, listen to the Damn Pigeon.”

“Always rising from the ashes (hence the name) they've released a decent slab of ’70s influenced rock that keeps you interested and has enough rock to keep your boogie foot tapping away like a woodpecker on drugs. Opener 'I’m Down' is a simple rocker with shades of both early Whitesnake and bands such as America or Kansas - simplicity is key - and it introduces you to the two key elements in this band: the vocals and the blistering yet subtle guitar work. 'Gift Horse' is a classic tale of threesome love and is arguably the best track on here and brings the bluegrass element to the table, whilst 'Sun In Our Eyes' brings home the classic American rock stylings of balladeering loss. The acerbic 'Asshole Lives' is also worth a mention for its true lyrics and straight forward approach...”

“Lyrically, there is an “otherwise” to go with the (perhaps inevitable) “gypsy woman” (unless JBNBlog’s ears are worse than usual) … & the transition from the slow doomed & determined Who Cares? to the defiant “asshole people leading Asshole Lives” proves Damn Pigeon has its anger all the way up to 11 as needed. Also intriguing is the eerie monaural start to Re-Coop called I’m Down … anyone know the story behind that? Sounds great as if its fading in from some other long-lost planet of metal. Meanwhile, here’s a JBNBlog geographic (or geological) theory of London-region rawk . . . St. Thomas produces more terrific bands than many bigger places. Any thoughts on that — or why it might be?”

“Somehow, Damn Pigeon has been flying under JBNBlog’s radar since about 1991 . . . the excellent St. Thomas band came to attention here thanks to its guitarist/vocalist/producer/recording engineer Joe Edmiston. Re-Coop is a damfine album … lotsa butt-kicking drive & guitar (Joe & his allies) & #ldnont ace Doug Weir can shout & scream with the best of them … extra nod to Jason Latimer. From background material, it appears Jason joined DP after helping Wuud claim the No. 10 spot in the 2012 Free Press list of London albums.”

“SYRE Singer Joins DAMN PIGEON Rock Hard Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 22:14:58 EST Doug Weir of SYRE fame has joined Canadian hard-rock band DAMN PIGEON. They've written some new songs and are very pleased to announce the release of a new album, Re-Coop. Based out of St. Thomas, Ontario, this versatile five-piece guitar-rock outfit is following up their 2010 debut Dismal Reviews with this new album featuring twelve original songs. While perhaps best described as hard guitar-rock, the band has a delightful capacity to surprise, and an unapologetic tendency to bend genres. Doug Weir is best known for his work as lead vocalist for Syre, a Canadian hard-rock band on A&M Records in the eighties and nineties. He's provided backing vocals for several HELIX albums, as well as worked on a number of charity albums.”

“This rockin' tight band understands the emotional power and complexity of dissonance, of angry harmony. In between their slick tight grooves, you will find those treasured 'bad' notes, the intervals Frank Zappa described as 'mean' when he first listened to Edgar Varese as a teenager. There are large brains hidden under the hood of this sonic hot rod.”

Omnesia, Artist - ReverbNation

“There are no " Excuses " not to play this song list.The whole page simply rocks.You could end up feeling " Guilty " if you don't play them all.”

The Fabulous Del Counts, Artists - ReverbNation

“Compelling, well-crafted compositions supported by superior performance and production!”

Kerry Leigh, Artist - ReverbNation

“That's some Damn Pigeon stuff bullseyeing my speakers right now. Blindly is amazing. Great progressions. That bass is crunchy, punchy and on target. The vocal is its typical wild self.”

Howard Lawrence, Artist, RN - ReverbNation

“Damn Pigeon has persevered through plenty of turmoil, and overcome any obstacles put in its way. The group writes and plays together like it's second nature. Amazing sound! Bends in the prog-metal direction, but whatever they're doing they're doing it with style and professionalism. "Excuses" and "The Lamb" are as good as anything on RN.”

Howard Lawrence, Artist - ReverbNation

“If you’re looking for a great band that puts on an awesome show, I highly recommend Damn Pigeon !!”

“King Minion is honored to have the band Damn Pigeon from St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada on the show. You heard their song “Dismal Reviews”. I have total praise for this very proficient and professional sounding band. No dismal reviews from this King. Remember the days when bands started out playing cover songs then progressed into their own material yet retaining the musical ambience of the great rock artists that influenced them. That is Damn Pigeon. Read their bio on Reverbnation. The evolution of Damn Pigeon since 1991 is a testament to the human and musical spirit that lives on in all of us. Life has a way of challenging musicians yet Damn Pigeon rose to meet the adversity. It is tragic to lose the lead singer of a band to cancer yet the passion and determination of Steve Phillips to finish the vocals on their album is the gift he shares with us. I have said this before, “Who we are in life is defined by what we leave behind”.”

“There is nothing quite like watching a pro band perform .The way they interact with the crowd and play with absolute confidence...”

"Over the past few months, the guys have been writing new songs - much of 'Dismal Reviews' was written a number of years ago - and hope to head back to the studio this summer. In the meantime, the five fellows - Joe Edmiston, guitars and vocals, Doug Weir, guitars and lead vocals, Steve Proctor, guitars, Bill Higgs, drums and Proud, bass - are ready to rock some new and some old, and some favourite covers..."

"What's in a name? Happily, for St. Thomas rockers Damn Pigeon, not much. The group's 2010 recording, 'Dismal Reviews', has been greeted by anything but...

Eric Bunnell - The St. Thomas Times-Journal

"You've got to love Damn Pigeon - the only band that gives it's audience chocolate!"

Christopher John Miller - AKA Captain Talent - DP's Facebook Wall

"If you frequent the city's downtown you know all about those damn pigeons, especially at the corner of Talbot St. and Princess Ave. But there's one Damn Pigeon different than the rest. That bird is a rock & roll band...they play a brand of heavy rock that won't make you curse as their sonic flight passes overhead, unlike those Talbot St. at Princess Ave. foul-feathered tenants.

Craig Bradford - Our Community Press

"There is one main thing that sets Damn Pigeon apart from most of the other locals. Originality. This band wants to be themselves. That goes from writing the type of music they want, playing what they want and playing when they want. If any of their fans are wondering where they've been over the past few months, Damn Pigeon have been on a bit of a song-writing hiatus."

Kevin Taylor - St. Thomas Times-Journal