“Damn Broads snarl with an attitude of their own. Lots of catch riffs, gang vocals, and confident lyric writing and delivery. Nice.”

Maximum Rock N Roll

“The song “Girl Bands Suck” is too funny, but very important to listen to since this is a band consisting of all females, but they are not a girl punk band, they are a fucking punk band!”

“Damn Broads play catchy punk spanning several subgenres, including street punk and some ska influences...but this is a punk record through and through.”

“I would describe this band as Minor Threat if they were girls. Damn Broads, more like Damn Good Broads, to me.”

"... the kind of group you want to see win... Damn Broads! are punk to the core."

The Hartford Advocate

"... we are pretty much enamored with their image and their enthusiasm, and we're impressed to see that they're already lining up shows throughout the state..."