Damien Horne / Press

“Atlantic Coast Conference Unveils “She Can Play” (Remix). The theme song’s original songwriter Damien Horne produces another instant classic for basketball fans!”

“Damien is clearly a star, but he does not act like a star, he was very cordial and took the time to talk to everyone and anyone who approached him.”

“Up next was Damien Horne who completely wowed the crowd with his 50s-esque rendition of “Poisonous” before pulling out his show-stopping number “Sacrifice” to which proved he has the moves to match his pipes and busted a back flip-into-splits combination right in the middle of the stage.”

“Damien Horne is an example of how you can help children with your talents and treasure”

“... you will be amazed at his musical variety: R&B, pop, hip-hop, soul and rock are all genres that Mr. Horne cleverly blends to give audiences an awesome musical experience. Not to mention that the brotha will bust out a back flip (on-stage) to express his level of excitement for his craft.”

“Amongst the musical outlaws of country's "MuzikMafia", there is Damien Horne -- an artist with a message of hope, love and forgiveness… all of which are a far cry from the world in which he grew up.”

“Then Damien,who looks like a cross between Michael Jackson & Prince,begins to dance.Kicking up the dust,he effortlessly performs flips,splits, & break dancing that even the most revered Dinka warrior has to envy.He slides &shuffles & every time he moves,the crowd goes wild.The girls giggle & scream.”

“Damien Horne is a quadruple threat. He is an actor, singer, dancer, and model. Damien was chosen as a Standup Comic, Singer/Songwriter, and Dancer in the prestigious AMTC Talent Show. Unprecedented in AMTC history, Damien then received a Star Award for his exemplary and courageous life story.”

“powerful inspirational words and music that is going to knock a hole in the music world very soon! The show was off the charts ya’ll! When Damien hit that stage it was on on on on!”

“His music is a wonderful mix of the rock/pop/soul/southern rock/gumbo funk/gospel genre. He defies category in a million ways both musically and personally. He's the real deal, sincere, authentic, honest, serious, funny, etc. ... wonderful balance.”

“Nashville musician Damien Horne is preparing to head back to Africa… after an amazing benefit concert Friday night.”

“The music of BMI songwriter Damien Horne flows lavishly from an enormous melting pot: traces of soul, pop, rock and rap weave in and out of the young writer's deft compositions. The panoptic Muzik Mafia took notice, and Damien became their Mista D.”

“I like the way he sings, I like his style, I like his uniqueness, I like his songwriting. He just is a person of never-ending talent. He's one of those people who God just hit him real good with the talent stick and I mean it just wiggled all through him.”

“Damien is an incredibly passionate individual who is always willing to go the extra mile to support the causes he believes in. In this case he happens to be going an extra 300 miles.”

“His album features a song called "Somebody’s Hero". That's exactly what Damien hopes to be. "I want to inspire people to dream and go after their passions," he says.”

“... after I read his story and heard a song that Damien had composed and dedicated to his niece, I knew that he had much more to offer ACC Women's Basketball than a few hours in an outreach program.”

“He has combined his passion for basketball and music and has released She Can Play, the ACC's first women's basketball theme song.”

“… his 2008 album, Somebody’s Hero — a collection of soulful, rock-infused R&B that proves Music City, U.S.A., has a lot more to offer than just country.”