Damian Erskine / Press

“...The Pacific Northwest's secret weapon on bass. Well, not so secret. He is one serious cat (to use the parlance of our times) on bass. He has an instantly recognizable rhythmic and harmonic style that includes chords and some quantifiably viscous funkosity. He grooves is what I am telling you...”

“Good fusion is hard to come by, but thanks to people like bassist Erskine, it’s making a comeback...”


Bill Milkowski - Jazz Times

“despite his incredible technique, he never overplays and instead stays within service to the songs... ...I suspect with the talent he shows here, we will be hearing much more from this player/composer.”

“The instrumental interplay is airtight and based on complex polyrhythms, like a cross between Return to Forever and the Fania All-Stars”

Burning Ambulance - Burning Ambulance

“ANYONE WHO HEARS DAMIAN ERSKINE’S new album So To Speak is about to find out what both keyed-in locals and hardcore jazz/fusion bass enthusiasts already know: There’s a world-class virtuoso bassist living in Portland, Oregon, and most nights he’s out there hustling like the rest of us.”

“A modern groove master with top notch tecnhique”

“Bassist Erskine is an extraordinary talent...”

“bassist Damian Erskine’s new CD, So to Speak, is a supremely inspired effort, rendered by some of Portland’s best jazz, funk, Latin and soul musicians. His compositions are a master class in groovology, ridiculously strong meter, inventive melodies and a solid underlayment”

"Rhythmic mastery and the Erskine name continue to be synonymous with Damian Erskine's smoking performances on So To Speak."

“Damian Erskine leading a hip group with a Latin-fusion influence on a host of new tunes, all of them composed by Erskine. He’s the Man and proves it in his inventive compositions and in his imaginative ideas and performance.”

“I gotta say this stuff sounds KILLIN, but you lied to me dude.  You told me that you couldn't write tunes.  LIES!!!  These tunes are sounding great, all of the players are heavy, the mix is all up in your face the way it should be, and you sir are sounding better than ever.  Your groove is deep, and the tone of that bass is amazing.  I'll keep listening but right now my favs are Inside Out and Creep.  Thanks for making an album for everyone to enjoy, not just us bass players.  Very well done brother.”

“There is no denying his chops; the syncopated lines are fun to follow and keep your head moving constantly.”

“This stuff rocks pretty hard! Excellent compositions, playing, and an excellent drummer...very impressive. You have my vote! Can I have one when it's done? Please?”

“Erskine was in supreme command of his band and his music and his bass. The lightning fast runs we have come to expect from him were compounded by odd-meters, large orchestral statements, uncut funk, latin grooves and complex yet completely accessible… a powerfully enjoyable experience.”

“Damian Erskine’s “So to Speak,” is simply flawless, rhythmically mesmerizing and underneath it all melodically transparent! “So to Speak,” by Erskine escapes the spoils of commercialism untarnished to unveil a musical gem that want disappoint even the hard to please music enthusiasts!”

“A high octane contemporary jazz fusillade that has it on the ball at every turn.  In case you thought Victor Wooten is as good as it gets for jazz bass, you would be right, but now Wooten has a worthy, new bookend.  Hot stuff.”

Chris Spector - Midwest Record

“Damian Erskine's significant facility, big pocket and harmonic awareness are what comes when talent and hard work collide.”

“Damian's book proves to be another well thought out text on presenting the fundamentals for any player to consider. A commendable array of scales, modes, chords, and their inversions are covered in depth, and presented in a well thought out manner”

Jake Kot - Bass Musician Magazine

“....Damian has such a refreshing and individual bass style. I thought of Jaco, Linley Marthe, Richard Bona and others but he certainly has his own voice and is someone who, make no mistake, it’s time you checked out. But this is not just a record for bassists. This is simply a great record.”

“..Trios showcases Damian's musicality that does never gets overshadowed by his serious chops. Recommended !!”

“...Great playing, and gorgeous tone throughout”

Bill Murphy & J.D. Considine - Bass Guitar

“…this is a 21st century in the best sense of the word (words) excursion…forward thinking compositions, as well as musicianship, brought to the forefront. I would highly suggest checking this out.”