“[excerpt from Digital Earbuds music blog- Monday, June 10th, 2013]"These Orlando, Florida guyz brag that "GRUNGE is not dead"! Thank God there are still some bands out there that refuse to allow the 90's genre die. So the minute you click the first song, "Paper Gold", you feel yourself slipping back to a moment when you're sharing a mic with Kurt Cobain (RIP)."”

“Hot, swampy Florida grunge. I highly recommend it. Check out DAMAGED GOODZ YouTube page, if ya haven't already. I highly recommend it!”

Artist - ReverbNation - Band- Luscious Purr

“These punk tunes are F*****G INSANE!!!!!!!!!! 'Beware; Ides of March' and 'Nowhere Quick' in particular need to be in the iPods of kids worldwide!”

Spencer Joyce - Artist-ReverbNation

“Ah, at last, a breath of blissful impassioned angst that dares to confront the mediocrity of a desperate musical mainstream; welcome to DAMAGED GOODZ. Calls to mind all the unfettered release that 'Bleach' brought into our lives - is this a Sub-pop lazarus moment? It's seriously liberating and we highly recommend that you plug-in (and keep it in!), crowd swim, surf.You don't know how PLEASED I am that DAMAGED GOODZ are making this music; has been a long time coming. If I had a label, I'd sign these guys up, no hesitation”

skinnycandy for (candytree) - Artist - ReverbNation

“gotta Nirvana vibe going!”

Dennis Bates - (Dennis and the Invisible Men) - Artist - ReverbNation

"Greetings from London. So cool to have been fanned by you, and am delighted to return the compliment. In fact I'm tickled punk"

Jasmine Thompson - Artist - ReverbNation

“We're #11 in the nation(U.S.) & #1 in Central Florida on the ReverbNation - "ALTERNATIVE" charts = THANX TO ALL OUR FANS!!! http://lnk.ms/bsMY6 ,”

“DAMAGED GOODZ is pleased to announce the release of 'Punk Kills Vol.17' !!! Please support local/INDEPENDENT music. Featuring a re-mastered version of "Nowhere Quick"”

"Reminded me of Nirvana"

Donita Russell - FAN

“DAMAGED GOODZ, The next big group coming out of ORLANDO !”

Lily Cortes - Artist - ReverbNation

"I'm blown away, right away. Such drive, energy and dynamics! I really dig "Nowhere Quick" & "The Fix I'm In". Great instrumentation, composition and arrangement. You guys are "stupid hot". Much success"

John Bailey - SuperMayne Productions

“REALLY like "She's a Mile" - raw attitude - top stuff !!!”

Lisa Stirling - (Stirling) - Artist - ReverbNation

“I dig the raw emotions of the vocals, and the punk attitude of DAMAGED GOODZ! "She's a Mile" simply rocks, while being reminiscent of Nirvana, one of my favorite bands. Rock on! \m/”

Dan Robson - FAN

“Can't keep me away from your music :-) I'm addicted...I admit it..and I'm proud of it”

Delaney Simpson - Artist - ReverbNation

"She's A Mile" is massively great. DAMAGED GOODZ are my kind of people. Rock on lads.

Frank Smith - (Sills & Smith) - Artist - ReverbNation

“I'm reminded of the great spirit of Nirvana when I hear your songs, more of that, the world needs it! Rock on and come to the Faroe Islands to play!”

Rasmus from (Mjørkaborg) \\m// - Artist - ReverbNation