Dale Maxfield & The Silver Hammers / Press

"Kansas City singer-songwriter Dale Maxfield's last album, 5'6' in a 6 Foot World', was a loose affair that had him getting in touch with his bar-band side, to good effect. And apparently that served as a nice jumping-off point to even better things, as his latest album Stratosphere, credited to Dale Maxfield and the Silver Hammers, is the power-pop album he's always had in him (albeit a power-pop album with quieter moments throughout, some of them quite lovely). In other words, he's let the most serious 'adult-alternative' moments fall away in favor of really catchy, melodic, upbeat pop-rock songs. The lyrics aren't bubblegum, they're still of the examine-your-heart variety, but there seems to be a continuing theme of going with the flow, of getting beyond the worries and fears that can sometimes keep us from enjoying life."