Dale Lakata / Press

"Loving your music on here! Keep up the great work!"

Jessica Brown, Chicago Illanois - Reverbnation Fan

“Thank you Dale we enjoyed your music so much last night Your voice goes right into the bones! (referring to May 10, 2013 performance at the Traco Theater Toms River NJ)”

"i shall be released" very good song! velvet voice with only acoustic guitar. sounds very very good. "i saw the light" good song. songs tempo reminds me of the rhymes of my childhood my mother sang for me..."

Yash K Cruise - facebook

“I've been to venues around NJ when you were there... you capture something very unique and special in your voice and the power you control .... it's like getting in an old car you grew up in, going for a ride and tuning into that late night AM radio warm sound - it's like your voice is everywhere in the night ..... truly I mean it”

“about new mix of live "Sweet Jane" at Green Planet..."I need to be alone with that version, your voice captured it beautifully, stunning version by a stunning lady." fan from Suffolk, UK Ryan 'Rhino' Wakley ”

Ryan Wakley - Facebook

"Great Voice Great Rendition (on hearing LONELY PEOPLE track)...Laurence Gerald Finan (facebook fan)


"Tide of Sin—rough mix w/lead". Also excellent. I would very much like to hear the finished mix. While I really enjoyed the production on "Life", the production here is much more rock and roll, in your face, especially the drums....Bob Butterfield (Drums by BOB PANTELLA !!!)

Bob Butterfield - Facebook

"New Life"—Excellent. Great song and the vocals, instrumentation and production rock. "New Life" is by far the best thing I have ever heard you do. Very focused, both the writing and performance. And Mic and Chris Dargis did an excellent job in the studio. I hope you are playing out and promoting this stuff as much as humanly possible."...Bob Butterfield

Bob Butterfield - Facebook

"...quite plangent."Kenneth Freeman (Boise, ID)

fan (facebook)

“'...this is what music should be...(Stroudsburg, Pa)BOB PARSELL”


"An electric pyschedelic retro rock project. The music is a blend of slide guitar, soulful vocals and raw, loud powerpop reminiscent of bands like Jefferson Airplane, Velvet Underground and Mazzy Star."


"A quietly intense artist whoes best work seems still in progress"

Chris Barry - SHOREWORLD

"Classic psychedelia grunge rock featuring the voice of scenester Dale Kamen (Lakata). Raw, loud, seething temptation/redemtion make for hot rock!"

Chris Dargis - BUDO