Dakota Kelly / Press

“...one of the premier songwriters on RN and a unique and vibrant talent!! Listen to "Already Dead" to learn how to do it properly! ”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“You are a gifted. Quote me: Dakota Kelly is an important artist; do NOT miss her. Never give up.”

Cincinnati Slim - Reverbnation

“The style of her phrasing in her songs, along with her incredible sense and use of words and lyrics make it feel as if she is an "Old Soul". Gilbert Rodriguez”

"First off you have such a beautiful soft yet rugged voice. Your diction is quite clear while still having style and flair. "Poisoned" is such a touching song to me because I can relate with it. I think the guitar playing is also very much like your voice throughout the song soft yet edgy. So in my opinion you got a fantastic song on your hands."

“The poetry is exquisite, the music spare and efficient and the voice clear and vulnerable. A perfect songwriting talent who throws up memories of Beth Orton, Bats 4 Lashes, Kristin Hersh. Simply magnificent work on these tunes. "Go get your own, leave me alone"”

“You have a style that's all your own...I love it! I truly admire unique artists like you! You have something special & I really wish you all the best.I like your unusal style vocal. It has a rare and raw beauty all it's own. Drowning...excellent emotion.”

Dianne - Reverbnation

“beautiful soulful voice on "Drowning"!!! Your acoustic guitar matches the passion in your voice perfectly and your lyrics tell a story both haunting and beautiful in your river of emotions...Outstanding song”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

“Great songwriting, lyrical content, performance and mesmerizing. Dakota Kelly has a haunting and unique quality to her voice that affords her tremendous versatility. From the first few verses, of the first song, I found her boldly unique; incredibly talented; and totally enchanting. The songs she writes are treasures. But, her performance is the key. I believe anyone that listens would agree she has exquisite vocals. But, what is artistic expression? It is taking life as you experience it; reflecting on it; and then offering commentary. Dakota's commentary is singularly original, in that she can emphasize a thought, feeling or belief by changing the inflection of any given note she sings. This is such a rare gift! And, the songs she writes are evidence of a great deal of reflection. I wanted to start my day with a truly great listening experience. By beginning with Dakota Kelly, I think I made the best choice of all available options. She has given me the gift of a better day ”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation