Daisy & The Moonshines / Press

“Daisy & The Moonshines Daisy EP Self-Released Street: 12.02.11 Daisy & The Moonshines = The Dead Weather + The Black Keys This band has three things that make them dangerously worthwhile: class, soul and groove. It would be difficult to listen to their music and not feel engaged in some way or another—whether it be to the visceral, bluesy feel (such as in the song “50’s Kill Off!”) or the genuine lyrics that thread the album together. With inspiration ranging from Aretha Franklin to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the members of Daisy & The Moonshines know how to get a crowd moving. Their sound incorporates ravishing bass lines and an almost nostalgic, classic rock-esque guitar—as well as killer drums and vocals. The song “Daisy” stands out as especially striking, well developed and mature. While the album is worth acquiring, I recommend catching these cats live for a thumpin’ good time. Who’s bringing the whiskey?”

“The five members of Daisy & The Moonshines have been making music as a band for a mere nine months, but in that time they have released an EP and are playing consistently around Salt Lake. Their raw sound is on the darker side of rock ’n’ roll and reeks of musical intelligence and maturity, which is ironic considering the short amount of time they have been playing together. Having noticed the band’s name popping up in venue calendars over the past few months, we decided to find out more about them and let them explain why they think you should listen to their nitty gritty sounds. We suggest listening whilst drinking whiskey, it just seems right.”

Autumn Thatcher - Now IN Magazine