Daishia / Press

“Love the piano play #vocals started rather delayed kinda offbeat but with more tracks like this type u will grow into an Amazing Star, already u are a Star i like the Part #Im just Living my LIFE #welldone #Stay committed keep at it , South Africa”

libertymusicakalibertybwanali - Review of "My Life"

“I love your confidence in your own lane. It is a different sound like neo-soul and 90's r&b mixed. It have a international feel to me. The more I listen the more I like it... I like have it was written for everyone to relate. The flow couldve flown a little smoother but don't listen to me, Im a RAPPER. I just hear perfection. NY would like this tune, It reminds me of Manhattan for some odd reason. California, United States”

jinjer - Review of "My Life"

“Very nice songwriting work. Nice vocal track. Try not to listen to many people but yourself about how you are doing and how you are doing things. You have a great talent and you need to make it stay your talent not anyone else's. Beautiful song. Texas, United States”

tearsnvomit - Review of "My Life"

“Very nice, original idea! This song could really sell. I would experiment around with different arrangements with a faster tempo and a slow down to this tempo in a change. More changes and variation. Although it seems there are electronic keyboards and horns in the beginning after awhile it seems that it is mainly rythmn and strings after that. A great bass player and guitarist could help to make this song a hit. The singer is very charismatic and real personality seems to be coming through!”

markalbertoyodernunez - This Song has a lot of Potential!

“This song is very unique. I'd be interested in listening to more of your music. The vocals are different and the music is very interesting and mellow. I like the piano and the string part in the background. Keep it up. I like it. Maryland, United States”

modry - Review of "Magic to Me"

“Wow Love the Piano thing you got going on in opening the way you come in is great ....very interesting voice..You got the vocal thing nailed......I think you one of the vbest voices I have heared for my ear in a long time. I would trully think that you are the kind of voice that the BIZ would be pushing...I mean you seem to be the kind of art the people would flock to . Thanks for the listen your great I would an album of your stuff...I mean you can deff sing thanks once again I hope to hear your stuff up there over the air waves great Work Gabriel J Illuminator tHe BaByEaTeRs , Australia”

thebabyeaters - Review by tHe BaByEaTeRs

“Great vocals that I would have liked to hear more of. The backing was good but didn't build so i didn't feel it finished with a flourish. Build your confidence and use your voice more as you have a great talent. United Kingdom”

manyfacesduncan - Longing In My Soul

“You have that young sweet voice that attracts anyone. Like I said I am a fan of yours and support you in your music career :} Illinois, United States”

Jova - Review

“What I dig! Your voice is simply beautiful, so sexy and for us men that's always a good thing. Your singing is actually good which is rare these days, no over singing which is the common practice. Harmony is sweet. so sweet.....and your lyric speaks to me...you can get us ole schoolers that way. Now to improve this so that you can get to the highest level....perhaps the simple Hip Hop feel is your style and there is an audience for that no doubt. I'm old school so I need more musicianship. But what you must have is a better mix. A qualified outside opinion would be of great benefit to you. A producer in other words. I know it is hard to subject your art to someone else's scrutiny but its the difference between your music being good and great. Michael Jackson submitted to Quincy Jones and changed the world. I feel strongly that you are very talented...and from the picture you appear very lovely and now days they care more about how you look than how you sound. So whats to stop you?”

onelunarmoth - Review of "Longing In My Soul"

““The music was mellow. The vocals were fairly good but I felt that they needed more passion injected into them in order to improve thetrack. The song was atmospheric with a chilled vibe to it yet still moved well and held the listener's attention.” ”

anonymous - Crowd Review for "Broken-Hearted"

““Interesting mix of music and tones. The artists voice is very pleasant. She sounds like Rihanna and like a young Beyonce. The beat is good and goes well with her voice. Background vocals are also great. The only difficulty in this song is that is sounds like there is either no chorus or is just one very long chorus. The artists voice is incredible and very talented.””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "Broken-Hearted"

““Her voice was great, helped accentuate the song nicely, the beat was strong and uplifting, especially halfway through the song, it especially got good. She sang about persevering and it really resonated well. It feels like a gritty song and just a fighting song, something for a rainy day. The sharpness of her voice at times helped bring out the dark side of the song, although it was quite light sounding with her vocals, the instruments were what gave it a darker feel. Overall I'd give it a 7 out of 10 for it 's great beat and lyrics, but it didn't feel very original.””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "Broken-Hearted"

““I thought this was going to be a dance song or was Beyonce want-a-be, but it slowed down and was time well spent. I liked the melody, I felt that the singer was feeling as she sang. The base seemed at bit high, but other wise I enjoyed the chords of the song.””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "Broken-Hearted"

““The song has a really suttle beat and some good lyrics to it, but is abit quiet for my liking, but this makes it an easy listen, therefore it could easily become a hit as it would appeal to a large amount of people because of it being so chilled and normal.””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "Broken-Hearted"

““I love the piano in the background, it makes it sound romantic and easy listening. This gives this piece a unique quality to it compared to other tracks. I makes it distinctive and stand out from others””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "Broken-Hearted"

““The beginning of this song is so unique and beautiful. The voice is just so beautiful and unique. The feeling of this song is really unique too, kind of dark and complicated. Overall, it is a unique and beautiful song.””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "Broken-Hearted"

““Sounds very nice the piano, and the clapping make a nice sound. The backround singers and jazz type sound are sick! Very legit song I can really vibe with it. The feel of it is just amazing, nice job guys very good!””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "Broken-Hearted"

““The lyrics made this song. They were better than the instrumentals. "The freedom in the sky." The singer also had a pretty voice. I liked the harmonizing of her own voice. Especially in the chorus, when her falcetto and her lower voice are harmonized.””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "My Life"

““The piano at the start is really pretty and tranquil but the mood soon changes. The heavy beat with the softer vocals and the addition eastern influences is a bit odd/ The vocalist reminds me of Nelly Furtado, their tones are different. I find that beat a bit repetitive and the chorus repeats 'I'm just living' far too many times. The style in this does feel different and I dont recall too many songs sounding like this.””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "My Life"

““The song has a cool little beat to it. The song is kind of slow and the hook was kind of plain and repetitive. It is a good motivational song because she is singing and rapping about her being independent. She's trying to prove a point to live your life and who cares what people think.””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "My Life"

““The beat is memorable, and back-up vocals are impressive. The groove is definitely there and the singer's voice is cool and rad, to put it simply. The first chorus could use fills in-between "I'm just living", and in the later choruses maybe more lyric riffing and spoken-word with more emotive expression. The first verse singing should different from the piano notes, is perhaps the biggest improvement that could be made. The rap verse should be performed by someone else, because the singer doesn't have the energy that rappers have, or she could emote more in her speech, rather than just talking. This song is groovy and phat as an instrumental, and the singer definitely has potential. With a high-quality producer, the song could really soar. Having the beat fade out is a perfect ending, as a chill, relaxing, entertaining song."”

anonymous - Crowd Review for "My Life"

““There's a lot to like about this track. The quiet, simple intro is pleasing, and it makes the groove feel even better once the drums kick in. The vocalist delivers a good performance, and the musicians on the background music do a good job. The song appears to have been professionally recorded and mixed, and it sounds great. The contrast between the verse and chorus holds the listener's ear throughout. The one negative is that the chorus is a bit too simple and sparse, with too much space between the short vocal phrases. An instrumental line or vocal response of some sort to fill up those spaces would help."”

anonymous - Crowd Review for "My Life"

““The intro with the bells is pretty spooky sounding. However, it works well with how the verse is delivered. The artist 's vocals are deep and work with the eerie tone. I didn't care much for the chorus, it was too slow and I feel that it was disconnected with the beat. When it gets to the verse after the first chorus, I found I liked that more than the first verse and chorus combined. It showed that the artist could deliver and explore a wider range than just speaking in a low tone or sing-talking three or four words at a time (ie chorus). I like the rapping bit. I like that it was slowed down, but not necessarily too slow for the beat like the chorus."”

anonymous - Crowd Review for "My Life"

“REVIEWS “I like the energy on the sample. The vocals are beautiful. The subtle reverberation added enhances the quality of the singing. The beat is well mixed in with the vocals. The singing works well with the beat. The track has potential to be a hit, the mix is good. The track is most definitely album worthy. There is a lot of quality on this.””

anonymous - Crowd Review for "My Life"