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“It’s easy to see why Dahlia Wakefield is considered one of the hardest working and most versatile artists on the Alberta independent scene today. With a string of solo albums, three with her country outfit The Dirt Road Angels, and also touring in a duo, with her Heart tribute band – Brigade, and with her country/rock band The Villains, it’s hard to argue.”

““A little bit country and a whole lot of rock and roll” describes Edmonton, Alberta-based Dahlia Wakefield, a charismatic, soulful powerhouse country rock singer-songwriter with three commercial CDs released under her independent label, Squirrelly Girl Music.”

““We’re really a bit country and lot of rock and roll. We cover Top 40, classics and progressive rock. We play fun party tunes and love it when the audience gets up and dances,” said Wakefield, also a member of Dirt Road Angels.”

“About Dahlia's single 'UNSATISFIED': "What a breath of fresh air...I LOVE this girl's voice and I love her range as well... we could play this on our morning show as well on QCCR. I really like this song. I'm dancing in my seat here. Thanks for sharing." - via Lauren Tutty, Lauren Tutty Promotions”

“Dahlia Wakefield hails from Alberta, Canada and has a superb voice that effortlessly blends together country and pop. Her latest album FULL CIRCLE features eight memorable songs all written or at least co-written by Dahlia. ... “Winter In Alberta” is another excellent song with a lovely country-pop feel. Once again Alan Tymofichuk plays acoustic and electric guitar, giving the song added depth and atmosphere.”

“Singer-songwriter says she ‘can’t be pigeonholed into a specific genre’ ... Full Circle is an "eclectic collection of eight songs with flavours of pop, rock, reggae and latin, with an underlying alternative-country feel throughout."”

“Dahlia Wakefield's third outing is easily her most focused and well-thought out album to date. With FULL CIRCLE, the Edmonton native has indeed completed this leg of her musical journey, returning to the roots of her musical soul after a five year hiatus...an enjoyable ride that smoothly shifts gears. Her new album is lull-free, and engages the listener from beginning to end, in an overall well-crafted album. ”

“DOWN THIS ROAD is full of emotion, strong production, and is bristling with energy, whether it's the cover of Nik Kershaw's "Wouldn't It Be Good," to any of a number of the potential chart hits. Dahlia's vocal prowess is easily and without question one of the strongest on the Alberta scene. ”

“With a sexy-smokey voice and an aggressive delivery that says you’re-gonna-love-me-now, Dahlia Wakefield puts the hammer down on nine original tracks of country rock on her new release “Down This Road”.”

“Down This Road CD Review: Cool record for those who like their pop with great vocals, clever lyrics and a little bit of an edge. ”

“Down This Road: "This is a highly listenable album... a collection of well-written songs full of memorable melodies and soul-deep lyrics."”

Robert Mills - Maverick Country Music magazine (UK)

“Wakefield is a songwriter with a strong sense of groove and powerful singing chops. Fans of power pop and great singing will enjoy “Close to Home”. ”

“Close To Home CD Review: "Dahlia Wakefield is a bit of Faith Hill on the high notes, a bit of Cher on the low notes, and a lot of sensuality through the whole CD. Nashville denizens would swoon if they heard this music." ”