Da Grimm One / Press

“dope sound great work.... stopping thru to show some LUV to the movement..... 1LUV ~SLIC~”

Mr. Slic - Reverbnation

“Yea bro I check out all ur stuff. One of my favourite 'amature' rappers if u know what I mean”

“Really Dope tracks u got, keep up the hard work and keep grinding! respect!”

Lil Rope - Reverbnation

“Hey Da Grimm One. Great sound you have, really dig! Would be cool to work with you someday”

Stephen Brand - Reverbnation

“hey i just got my new iphone and tried to search for you on itunes but wasn't able to find you, plz lemme know urgently how to download all of your tracks even if i have to pay for it but i don't have much money because i'm a student ((( I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!”

Mui Cheung - Number One Music

“hi Im really enjoying listening to your music.:) I will spread the word around to all my friends. Where I can find more? see ya Roshel”

Roshel Wesley - Number One Music

“Hey, your music is really good, i'm listening to a lot of genres as long as it's good, i wanna write a review for you and i will let u kno when it's done. keep doing ur thang! Erica”

Erica Morgan - Number One Music

“Hi, I like your music and I think it's unique not like the other mainstream sh*t! wish you much success! Denis”

Denis Montero - Number One Music

“Hey just wanted to let you know that your music is hot”

David Obrentz - Number One Music

“Yoooooo Ive been searching 4 smth new and fresh for sucha long time and bang here you are luv the song DA LT's Ride im so tired if all that mainstream s**t from radio and tv, so my hopes with ya and God bless You!”

Sebastian - Number One Music

“Let the light shine your way and the stars guide your steps. You definitely have a lot of talent.”

Mrs. Dudley - Number One Music

“what can I say!? This tune Request Line is really amazing!!! how many you have available for download and where?”

Diane Colon - Number One Music

“Hi, I play ur DA LT's ride over and over..hope u dont mind :))) thanks keep messaging me and i'll spread the word peace”

Ali - Number One Music

“ooops i almost forgot that i did sign up for your list cooool Request Line i like it a lot. Good luck!”

Heinrich97 - Number One Music

“heyyy I'm currently in china and you music in my fav list while I'm traveling. Your music in my summers soundtrack. It would be really nice if you could put up some more tracks, Wish you all the best!”

Eric Stolz - Number One Music

“Im really enjoying listening to your music.:) I will spread the word around to all my friends. Where I can find more? see ya Kirk”

Kirk - Number one music

“You goin hard fam! keep pressing forward!”

Soul Major - Reverbnation

“Ay you really know how to showcase your talent man...very well done. I was listening to that "Things Ya Do" and started thinking, I could hear you on a couple beats I got up on my page. Just hmu dude, you have got something here though”

O1ne - Reverbnation