Auto dafe / Press

“Auto Dafe never heard of em', never seen em', no expectations whatsoever - maybe this being their first gig explains matters a little ha, ha. A three-piece coming from the indie side of the spectrum and creating a concoction of melody that covered a fair area of acoustic ground. In parts the rhythms became convoluted and quite intriguing but not to a point where befuddlement was had. The clarity was kept, the openness of delivery honest and the overall scent I was picking up on was of a band willing to dabble and so not get restricted by a generic label. Good news indeed in these sickly sonic times and with many a sound song to boot, some sincere vocal deliveries and a varied sticks approach the band may have a very diverse gig list under their belts in no time at all. Advice - well in truth only a small amount at this stage - add a bit more intricacy to the bassism and make sure all components are well emphasised at all times and make their own mark on each and every song.”

“Auto Dafe has a collection of nice acoustics and blends of alternative rock. They’re song ” Fight The Enemy” makes an explosion in your ears bringing you good music, and hard lyrics guaranteed to make you think. They’re music depicts Freedom, something that we all still fight for today weather we realize it or not. “Your law” gives a reggae mystic feel with a blend of beach music that’s worth riding too. This Band is definitely “Spaced Out Magazine Approved”.”