Daddy Star / Press

“Yo, u got dem hot tunes here man, me listen and can't stand it, I need me a hot babe to groove wit to dis stuff, u got all dem babes on yo side? Please send one over, we in da same town”

Evan Paul - ReverbNation

“Daddy Star, you delivered an impressive set of tracks. They are brilliant! Bravo!”

Yellowalbum - ReverbNation

“Thanks 4 being a fan I am a fan of yours, If I get Closer, You got me, I think I’m gonna shoot it and Make Me Cum, never heard nothing like this the music is great!!”

Mask Poet - ReverbNation

“you are amazing. dancey electronic sexiness”

Melody Joy - ReverbNation

“So dangerously erotic my speakers tried to hump me! These tunes are like a weapons-grade aphrodisiac in musical form!”

Oppossum Rabbit Shrew - ReverbNation

“Hi DS! Thanx for visiting, digging your rippingly hot tunes, must find some friendly femme to subject to these lust-inducing beats! ”

OR&S - ReverbNation

“You had us at Daddy. When we found out musician John Travolta look-alike Daddy Star may not always be wearing underwear we decided we must investigate. He’s our new Man of the Hour and takes our TMI questionnaire!”

“My Cum Your Face- Feels So Good by Daddy Star Cum in your face here ..well nearly!! I love the sounds of Daddy Star. from Xtube ...so fuckin sexxy ( and he is hot as fuck too ..yumm) ..I bought his hot sounds..great mix of electro music and sounds of guys getting off ..moaning n cumming ..ummm.. love having Daddy Star on in the background as I relax, unwind, get horned up, and shoot my loads .”

“Extraordinary, emotionally packed beats, total night breakers for any club! Magnificient basslines totally immersive...trippy, hypnotic, eroticly packed masterpieces!”

Dj NordicSpitz - Reverb Nation

“There is music to make love to and there is music to fuck to. A new Toronto dance artist called Daddy Star is taking the fornicating format to new heights with a debut EP called XXSEX. It’s quite literally a short techno album created solely for fucking — all hard-dance tracks with porn exclamations sampled throughout. It’s a raunchy piece of simplistic dance music that doesn’t pretend to be anything else. ”

“’ll also go out on a limb and say [Muzo's 'Daddy Star' video] is 1000 times more interesting than Beyonce’s ’1+1′ video…’”

“Fun Find of the Day: Sexy Beats from Daddy Star Porn music gets a dancefloor edge in Daddy Star’s original creations – check out some sexy ‘music you can f*ck to’ at his MySpace page, very fun…”