“when you work for the thing you owned in life you get a better feelin...so if you earn you feel proud,”

Daddy Legend - Daddy Legend

“People didn't know what was important an till it get mix with the unimportant...never forget where you from thats the only way to remember yourself...listen a few songs if you believed in the most high...to all my fans i upload new songs every week so say up to date...my job is to deliever your job is to like and support.”

"If you is a husler, there is one written rule that every true husler Will never forget...Never use your own supply...Only if you have extra cash to cover your balance.

“This is what happens if you miss out on an opportunity, you will never have that same chance again or you will never be able to be an opportunist...They said opportunity come but ones, not really but if so make every possible way to be at yours.”

"If you have a winning lottery ticket and the lottery company runs out of business, what will you do to get your money if you can't sue the company" if you are a unsigned artist and you knows the answer email me @ www.hunkkahcrecords@yahoo.com to being your career on a professional level.

"The water of the ocean is blue from a distance, when you are close the water is clear...what makes the water blue from a distance and not up close...If you know the answer call this number 8573185040 and Daddy Legend will do a song about you...With every thing you want in it.

"Most people says Jusus was God, father, son, and holy spirit...All three in one, do you believe that will ever dies if he comes in the flesh.

"If you have a friend that use you and one that dont, the one that use you always a friend in need...The one that doesn't use you never be a friend in need, if you of to choose which one will you keep"?

"The poor folks complain about being poor, and the rich and wealthy complain about not having enough...Which one will you be, poor and happy or filthy rich and unhappy"

“If you don't have money in the beginning I promise you, that you will have plenty of money in the end.”

"The people you know from day one, are the people that will be there in the end...If you fuck over the real ones you will be by your self in the end.

"A singer sings is first song, to the singer the was a hit...The producer intended to rip the song to a cd disc, the took the song to a recording deal conference to present is song...Now is the singer turns to present is song, the press's play and all they heard was porn playing singer didn't know what to do he fainted and dies."

"If you never love someone before, the first-time you love it's like heaven...If that person cherish your heart, the next time you love you will be in the second heaven...The heaven above the heavens, that's where true lovers finds aggapi love...Its eternal you should try it.

“My deeds or best known by my Actions I oftenly don't tell people what im about most of them see my Actions and off the rip they said this man is a entrepreneur and a entertainer, the once who knows are the talented few”

“I Was Born For A Reason Not A Cause, Maurace Hines a.k.a. Daddy Legend Is Back...H.K.C. Gov.”

“If you always do, what you always done, you will always be what you always been H.K.C. Gov”

“Life is about everything...Everything is about life...Thanks to Jah for this day.”

“It's a Great Feeling When Anyone Live The Life They Love.”

Daddy Legend - Legend Quotes

“Life is about the spiritual and not the physical because everything in life is not always as it seems”

Daddy Legend - Legend Quotes