CY / Press

“The industry is a buzz about the newest rapper to hit the scene Rapper CY. CY is getting ready to release his new single which will be his introduction to the rap world. Rapper CY has been in the rap game for many years as a local talent in his neighborhood. He is known throughout his hometown of Southside, Queens as one of the premiere rappers, but he is now embarking on taking the music industry by storm. He will release a new single in the next few weeks which will give the public a taste of what to expect from his new mixtape that will be released in the near future. Expect the hottest tracks from a rapper that is lyrically at the top of his game. His music will also transcend the world of hip-hop ensuring that a legend will be revealed. Beside his music this rapper is an accomplished writer and he will be releasing his first book in March 2013. If that wasn't enough, CY is an inspiration to his community as well. He has dedicated his life to inspiring the youth.”

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