Cynthia Leigh-Ann / Press

“There are so many great songs on Cynthia Leigh-Ann's album, Daddy's Girl, that I could go on for days telling you why you should look into this excited and talented young artist. I'll just end by simply saying that Cynthia Leigh-Ann is the future of country pop-rock music and you should buy her album to help keep great indie music going. Visit her website to see when she’ll be in your area next.”

“When Cynthia Leigh-Ann Bjalek begins to strum her guitar and sing, she doesn't smack you in the face. She gently plays with your emotions and worms her way into your heart, then carries you along with surprising power. When Cynthia sits and chats with you over coffee, she doesn't jar your nerves and set your teeth on edge the way some edgy young singers do. She has this wide-eyed, somewhat breathless, spirit of gratitude that simply makes you like her.”

“A Kelly Clarkson look-alike, the young songwriter, who graduated from Immaculata Regional High School and is currently enrolled in the music program at the University of Calgary, is happily stunned by her star that continues to rise. "I'm not a rock star, I'm not famous, but I do have fans and sometimes people recognize me," Cynthia said.”

“This young woman certainly has all it takes to be a star”

“~Cynthia Leigh Ann from our scenic Kelowna~ This spunky artist, nominated for Country/Bluessgrass Recording of the Year at this year’s BCIMA’s, Cynthia’s command of the stage was full of enthusiasm. Tapping your feet to her energetic offering of “Fairytale”, a song about having that ‘perfect’ love to the awww moments within “Daddy’s Girl”, an emotional ballad of gratitude to her father, this nineteen year old has the presence of a much more mature artist than that of her age. She reminds me of what was said about Michael Jackson when at the age of I believe it was twelve he was singing Smokey Robinson’s “Who’s Loving You” like that of a thirty year old man with such raw emotion. Cynthia certainly has this and more.”

“Cynthia Leigh-Ann one of the area's best young up-and-coming entertainers will be the opening act at The Royal Revival of Rock 'n' Roll on Aug 11 & 12, at the Westbank Lions Community Centre.”

Kirstin Lesosky - Westside Weekly

“Cynthia Leigh-Ann and her band No Ordinary Joes will be playing at the IPE Armstrong Fair in Armstrong, BC from August 31/11 to September 4/11 everyday at 2pm.”

“Your voice was heard – Cynthia Leigh-Ann is the first ever CKXS New Artist Of The Month! Listen for Cynthia’s “Missing You” on 99.1 CKXS and keep supporting new, Canadian music! ”

“Cynthia Leigh-Ann's Debut CD "Daddy's Girl" featuring her new hit single "Missing You" is now available on ITunes.”

“Cynthia Leigh-Ann to release her Dabut Album January 2011, Joe Wood will release to radio at the same time, and the CD will be on line and in stores in the new year”