"Cylinder is a Great Band!"

"High octane rock with powerful riffs just the way I want it"

"Truly one Kick-Ass Band!"

"Shifting rock into the next gear, this band is ready to bring it full throttle to the stage with energetic lyrics, whiplash-inducing head-banging and electric guitar strumming. Driven by diesel, this band is ready to prove they’re successful musicians who can work the crowd, no joke."

“There’s a reason Cylinder won the 2008 SCYMO; these guys have the “it” factor. With hard rock that is both melodic and aggressively intense, Cylinder is both talented and marketable. There is no reason these guys can't take it to the next level.”

“Geslin’s vocals surge with a throaty Ozzfest roar as he declares a refusal to ditch the dream in order to “follow the rules,” and it’s all against a searing backdrop of rock mania churned out by Nick Boyd on guitar, Mike King on bass, and Will Allen on drums...”

“After just one song, it was obvious that Cylinder was worthy of the title. With its relentless onslaught of heaving guitar riffs and pounding drums, the group possessed enough melodic structure to keep things accessible, even with the borderline-excessive use of sonic force.”

“The band that was crowned Your Music Olympicks Winners in both Santa Cruz and San Jose last year did so with some brutal metal-gnashing and a lot of … you guessed it, hard work...”

“Congratulations to Cylinder, who became the 1st band in YMO history to win events in 2 different markets in the same year. I continue to be impressed with how hard these guys are willing to work... Cylinder is not only talented and loaded with mass appeal....”