Cybersmith / Press

“[Cybersmith] has created a unique sound that is energetic and moving. You have to listen to it to appreciate it. ”

Terry Schroeder, DC - USA Men's Olympic Waterpolo Team Coach

"‘Fall Silently’" has been in my head for like a week now! The shimmering fading mixed in with the beat towards the end has a different energy that intrigues me… Your progression of beats is always new, and very unexpected; never boring like some techno I have heard... I also like that you have a lot of stylistic diversity in your music... some is more rave-like, others softer, others dark. Keep up the great work! I will continue to follow!”

True O'Brien, Actress/Model - Ford

““Fall Silently” and its vocals are amazing, definitely a favorite of mine, and “Trinity” reminds me of good old-fashioned rave music you can move to!””

Sherra Michelle, Playboy Bunny/RadioMate - Playboy Radio

“Hey [Cybersmith]! So I listened to... the tracks on "Eyes of an Asteroid" and I have to say that it is definitely the best yet. Something that you can listen to for a good chunk of time. Keep up the good music!!”

Taylor K.

“Even though this isn't necessarily my first choice in music I LOVED CORE COLLAPSE!!”

Stephannie M.