Cv (LNJ) / Press

“Cv aka Mr Tun Up Germantv June 2012 Artist Of The Month Bio Cv aka Mr Tun Up, otherwise known as "The Lyrical Monster, Sicker Than Aids Multiply by Cancer", from the Fast Rising Dancehall Crew L.N.J (Members of LNJ, X-FACTA, First Born & Cv). Now Living In New York City, Cv was born and raised In Clarendon, Jamaica. Cv is the founder and main host of the popular web show, DMR - Dancehall Music Review. Mr Tun Up as he calls himself, is only rightfully so,being that the talk "Tun Up" which is used popularly around the world, was coined by Cv when he sang his song titled "Di Ting Dem Tun Up." Cv is quickly building up a catalog of classic tunes even-though he is still an up and coming dancehall prodigy, with songs such as "Hard Work", "Ace Of Spade & Dom Perrigon", "Life", "Life Nuh Easy", "I Wanna Be Free" and many more. Mr Tun Up has Three Solo Albums Under His Belt Already... Dooms Day, Dooms Day 2 and recently release Dooms Day 3. ”