“Cuzz Cuzz is the newest, hottest music artists straight out of Kansas City, MO..He has performed from Houston, TX, to Kansas City, MO to St. Joseph, MO and more..He just dropped his first Mixtape called Young Twon presents Cuzz Cuzz *Da Biznizz* and is already networking with many other Nationwide artists on the project..He has his own Lighters and Cigar Wraps because he is a business man..He also is starting his own Publishing Company and working on Four new projects all at once..Better step your game up because he's good looking and his music sounds great..The mixtape is at 7th Heaven if you wanna check him out..Peace!”

Da Biznizz/ SlapArtists

“Cuzz Cuzz is the Authentication of REAL. He's Not a Rap Artist who's Street. He's a Street ni**a who Raps. SlapArtists/ KonCrete Heart/ World Gang Affiliate. I Put on for My City. Kansas City Stand Uppp!!!”