Cuzo Clicc Rydaz / Press

“Wow! Kennewick...peeps gonna be like... who knew? : ) Do yo thang my guys! I'm loving it : ) ”

Jade Lillie "The Blussian"

“Never Left is a hot track ”


“Dats whut im talkin bout !!!! g shit loc!! ”

PudgeyloCs From da We$t.Hill$.Mob

“We like what your doing. You seem to have the music part down pat, I like the song "What it Do" a lot. Solid musical composition.”

Gadsen Records

“You most definitely go "Hard In The Paint". Keep doing what your are doing...cuz you are you are doing it well... ”

Badd Influinz

“Nice style & sound. Tracks are on Point!”


“keep doing ur thing and stay on the grind for sure with that im moving my head to ya tracks right now dawg thats whats up cuz!!!! ”

Wolf Boi and DLP