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“This is a fast-paced album of heavy, adrenaline-pumping rock music...It’s quite obvious that these guys have put in a lot of time, hard work and heart into this album. I can tell everyone is having a rockin’ time on this record. If you want to rock too, check out this album!”

“Hailing from Seattle, Washington in the U.S., CUSTOM has got to be one of the heaviest, hard-rocking bands from the area. Their new album, "Flat Out Fast," features insanely fast guitar riffs, precise exciting drum patterns, and soaring vocals that remind me of Alice Cooper and a bit of Metallica. The band has been playing together for over a decade, and it sounds like it has paid off. They are extremely tight, and you can almost feel the bond while listening to the music. As a bass player, my favorite song is "Because of You," which begins with a cool bass line with a great Music Man Stingray-type tone, followed by a great delay-guitar hook and soaring lead vocals fit for an arena. Check out CUSTOM below! http://www.raunchandroll.com/”

the Music Farmer

“After a four year break between records Custom has returned with a new record through Raunch & Roll Records entitled Flat Out Fast. The 9 track record is a wild ride through the rock journey of Custom. The opener “Stop” is a crunchy attack on the listener letting them know right away this is real rock n’ roll. The high speed energy continues on “Buzz Zone”. The guitar solos aredynamic and bring to mind a time of classic rock. The band shows they can successfully slow it down too with “Because Of You”. This darker track lets the strong vocals truly stand out. The full soundscape is filled on “Callate Su Boca” with pounding drums and squealing guitars dragging you along to the chorus. Another nice guitar solo shows up here. Custom lets you off with the progressive closer “Say Goodbye Again” that shows that even after 12 years this band is still developing and churning out original music. Catch up with Custom at: http://www.raunchandroll.com/”

“Are you looking for some down and dirty, no frills, kick ass, guitar driven hard rock? If you are I suggest you listen to the CD Flat Out Fast by the band Custom (from Seattle WA)...Flat Out Fast is mainly a fast paced, in your face hard rocking offering with some melodic choruses, cool guitar solos, and maybe even a little bit blues interspersed from beginning to end. From time to time I picked up on a Soundgarden and Alice In Chains vibe along with a little bit of early era Cheap Trick attitude. And, if I can make a late 80s, Seattle music reference, there’s a bit of Green River and Mother Love Bone in Custom’s sound....I liked Flat Out Fast from the first listen. But, with each subsequent listen I like it even more. Cool songs and some wonderful guitar work throughout make it quite enjoyable...This record is a solid 7. Give it a listen, you’ll enjoy it.”

“Every day, there is less and less people out there produce rock and roll the way it should sound. Most of the music out there today comes more from producers than it does from bands that are there simply to create music for the sake of making music. One band out there today that is making rock and roll that sounds real and authentic is Seattle-based rock band Custom...From beginning to end, Custom’s new release entitled Flat Out Fast proves that rock and roll is still alive, as long as you can find it. The Seattle-based band takes the listener on a musical journey that will bring back memories of the rock and roll bands that really knew what music was supposed to sound like. And because Custom is currently creating the same type of music that seemed to have all but disappeared, the band’s new album of Flat Out Fast is just the thing if you have been looking for something new for your rock and roll collection. Rating: **** (four stars)”

Matheson Kamin - The Rock and Roll Report

"Only criticisim is that it (Flat Out Fast) is too short"

Mark Dean - Myglobalmind Webzine

“Looking for some of that classic, crank it to 11, fast and in-your-face rock and roll? So was I and I’ve got just the fix for both of us. CUSTOM, from Seattle, is currently promoting their new album Flat Out Fast and it’s everything Rock & Roll is supposed to be. Landing on the spectrum somewhere between Alice in Chains, AC/DC, and Buckcherry, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of these guys before. Regardless, they are top shelf and their polished songcrafting shines through on all 9 tracks that make up Flat Out Fast... Flat Out Fast is going to stay in rotation for a while. Go grab your copy and support this great band.”

“What I liked about Custom, was their straight-forward approach to music and performance, no bells or whistles. Just straight up hard rock, and none of the glam that sometimes comes with it... I listened to three other songs by this band (Let Me Go, My Addiction, & She Moves), all of which can be found on their EP. Each one, featured power vocals, signature guitar riffs, and hard-hitting drums. Add in the strong bass lines, and you have a cohesive rock band, worthy of the big arena. For those who want music they can pump their fists to, music that will grab a hold of your psyche, that provides lyrics people can relate to, Custom is a pretty solid gamble.”

“...the best I have seen.”

Joe Black - CEO Blackstar Productions

“The way rock is supposed to be....loud and proud...”


“Great stuff you guys got. High quality high octane Rock!! That is exactly what the world and my ears need more of.”


“Good band, better then most in genre. Way better”