Curtis Murphy Syndicate / Press

"An independent release sounding like a major label album, Curtis Murphy and his band has taken influences from varied genres such as blues, funk, rock, jazz and pop. Guest drummer on the album is Ed Toth (Vertical Horizon, Doobie Brothers) and it is mixed by Grammy mixing winner Jeff Juliano (Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer). I just love "Lines upon your face" and there's more of that supermelodic groovy stuff on "What it is", very nice!" "Influences: John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Phish Will appeal to fans of: Wil Seabrook Band, Pat McGee Band, Train"

Kaj Roth - melodic.net

"Bringing back rock-n-roll, with a complete blend of soulful lyrics, rock-your-brain guitar riffs, and classic bass and drums."

PDG Radio

"The Syndicate is a fusion of sincere, intelligent, well-crafted lyrics, & music that kicks ass! Curtis Murphy, Joel Hellman, Justin Apergis, & Brian Mendes comprise one of the tightest bands I've seen that deliver matter of fact, expressive & warm vocals, catchy melodies, jaw-dropping riffs, fierce grooves, & a helluva lot of charm & radiance on stage. It couldn't be more obvious that they're having a blast & you get pulled in easily!"

Robin Hinnant - Milestone Artists

“In a review for the band Nyco: "...The band (NYCO) continues to deliver solid stuff like a mix of Dave Matthews Band, Trey Anastasio and Curtis Murphy Syndicate."”

“Boston's Berklee College of Music has struck gold again this month. Back in 2005, Yvette Ivory earned You Gotta Know honors. Now the school that has spawned some of music's biggest stars has done it again...OK for half of this particular act. The Curtis Murphy Syndicate, consisting of Berklee grad Curtis Murphy, fellow Berklee alum and North Texas alum Justin Apergis, Brian Mendes, and Joel Hellman are bringing their mix of acoustic rock with a little bit of funk, likening them to Dave Matthews Band and O.A.R. with a hint of the lyrical style of Jack Johnson. Now after spending a few years on the underground circuit, the band is looking for bigger and better things. Their lush sound, instrumentation, and potential to join DMB, O.A.R., and more as the best that acoustic rock has to offer is what makes Curtis Murphy Syndicate our You Gotta Know for the month of March! ”