Curtis Taylor / Press

"His winning combination of instrumental poise and improvisational panache should make him an ideal fit for the often sublime music-making of [Holly] Hoffman and [Mike] Wofford"

““We do a range of styles,” said Taylor of his group and their eclectic genres they bring to the table, which include neo-soul, jazz, reggae, blues and more. “What’s so great about the guys I play with [in the quartet] is that they’re world-class musicians with a wide variety of musical styles … they bring a lot to the table.””

"The [now] local trumpeter (Taylor) and his band are one of the best jazz groups in the city"

“The group “traded fours” to introduce themselves, which was easier to understand than the fast-talking emcee. He invited people to swing dance, but it was too hot for the melting crowd, and there was a fine show to watch. Curtis was extra smooth in ripples up and down for “There’ll never be Another You.” Guitarists Mahn and Durbin laughed and swayed in buttery conversation.”

“To his [Cyrus Chestnut] regular trio of Dezron Douglas (bass) and Neal Smith (drums), he added soprano and tenor sax whiz James Carter and trumpetmeister Curtis Taylor for death-defying stretches of the ranges of their instruments — squawks, blats and the thinnest, breathiest high notes — and fine muscial conversation. And he brought out singer Carla Cook, who was lovely on one of Duke Ellington’s sacred songs.”

“Curtis Taylor, '07, was among a team of musicians recognized for their recording sessions with rising jazz star Gregory Porter. Dubbed “the brilliant new voice of jazz” by the Huffington Post, Porter won a Grammy for Best Vocal Jazz Album of 2013 for his Blue Note debut, “Liquid Spirit.” Taylor played on the record as well as on Porter's 2010 Grammy nominated debut album “Water.” “I'm so grateful to be part of this record and incredible team,” says Taylor. “I still can't believe it. I'm a Grammy Award-winning trumpeter now.” “I always knew that trumpeter Curtis Taylor would have a very successful career,” says Whitaker. As a beginning student, Taylor already possessed excellent networking and marketing skills. “With his intelligence and musical ability, I am not at all surprised of his success.””

““It was a ballsy move,” admits 28-year-old Grammy-winning trumpeter Curtis Taylor on his relocation last January from Jersey City to San Diego. Taylor was playing hundreds of sideman gigs back East: “I didn’t realize how much I was giving up to make this move......(click link to read more)”

“Leading his own ensemble, his music has an unstoppable, percolating rhythmic verve that excites all his phrasing. His solos are thoughtful and surprising and his band is first-rate.”

"Magic Cup" is a hot traditional jazz set with Curtis Taylor's fiery trumpet adding a little bebop spice to this bouncy tune.

“Saxophonist Jimmy Greene, and trumpeter Curtis Taylor proved worthy foils for one another as Taylor's approach seemed to be more rooted in the blues while Greene had more of a be-bop sound. Nonetheless, both had several moments of soulful expression.”

“The entire quintet was all about encouraging each other, with hoots, hollers and laughter a constant, especially during a particularly compelling solo by Gibbs on a funky version of the Clifford Brown-associated ”Song of Delilah” that mixed use of simple motifs as evolutionary conceits with a playful, puckish approach. Opening in open-ended free jazz territory before shifting to the visceral groove, it was also a strong solo vehicle for Taylor, a newcomer from whom more will, no doubt, be heard from in the future. ”

“Trumpeter Curtis Taylor, a Bedford native, graduate of the jazz studies program at Cuyahoga Community College and full-scholarship student at Rutgers University, will perform Saturday, Jan. 12, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. He'll play "Sanctified Swing" with a group led by pianist Cyrus Chestnut. The Baltimore-based pianist, whose nickname is "Nut," explores jazz with an ear toward gospel.”