Curt Chambers / Press

“The singer, musician, and Grammy nominated songwriter steps in the front with One Way Ticket, his solo debut album that is the complete blend of his previous works all in one which is soulful with influences of rock and Hip Hop.”

“Curt debut album "One Way Ticket" fuses rock, hip-hop, pop and soul. And, if you're a fan of his guitar skills, you won't be disappointed with his guitar riffs on the album.”

“Curt Chambers, where have you been? Quite a proper introduction to the Booth with "Grass is Greener." Chambers voice is not the most smooth or silky (you can hear the painful breaks in his vocals, which works when done well), but the overall effect is powerful. Ivan Barias' production is thankfully not over-the-top (nice guitar work), which allows Chambers to stay in his lane comfortably.”

“Curt Chambers Is 'Space Bound'”

“The 'Grass Is Greener' For Curt Chambers”