Curse of Cassandra / Press

“This band is kind of like an awesome Halloween party that never ends. If there was ever a soundtrack about a rave at a haunted house they would make the entire album!”

Josh Kibbey - Kibbey Context

“Siren vocals combine with gritty beats in Curse of Cassandra. It's beauty and the beast in electronica form.”

"It’s like dancing with the devil, you can see and feel the dark dangerous edge, but you simply can’t resist."

“Not many bands can keep a crowds attention with a bisexual vampire movie playing behind them but Curse of Cassandra pulled it off.”

Mike Richie - Facebook

“COC opened with their renowned sound of goth, industrial, punk meets new-wave,”

“What Curse of Cassandra really serves up is industrial-dance, gutter-glam gloom. Gothic, gauzy synths mingle with buzzier bass lines to propel these songs violently forward and get your body moving. Much like some of Reznor’s best moments, there’s a Rock spirit in Curse of Cassandra’s work, but it’s animated by the synthetic heartbeat of Pop—and that always makes for a compelling pairing.”

“a nostalgically fresh wave of dance floor domination and deviation harkening back to the downtown Goth/industrial era mecca of the 1470, Asylum, Foundry heyday. Their musical muse brings back black nailed, opaque memories of dancing in euphoric bliss till dawn then retiring to your sheeted coffin or rafter.”

“Their performance could be described as a husky voiced, musical striptease of sound encasing the cold fanged embrace of midnight and the warm slumber of dawn. We’re immersed in the mysterious presence of the Unknown Woman as we watch her Stardance with a heavy bass groove down the rainy streets of London after midnight. You Complete Me’s robotic heaviness accompanies its techno, Goth, industrial brethren creating landscapes of all night bliss and lyrically obsessive romances.”

"They just formed earlier this year, but their dark, ambient, electronic rock took Music Connection’s June Featured Band/Artist contest by STORM, garnering over 500 votes before the end! Ending up in 2nd place, they gave our June winner, Gathering Mercury, a solid run for their money and tromped all the other competition! I sat down and checked out their page this afternoon and found some great things waiting for me! Their song, “The One I Need”, is exactly as advertised. It’s a dark, passionate song with strong dance beats and haunting vocals that you should definitely check out!