Cursed Kingdom / Press

“Cursed Kingdom is thrashy Death Metal from the country of Iran and I really like it.If you like shredder guitars there are some proficient soloing that didn't just follow simple runs.Rating: 9 out of 10”

“One of the best parts about this record is the idea of grim desperation that seems to pervade so much of the music. The fact of the matter is that the emotions represented in this album feel so much more real than on many other death metal records. Their brutality is so much more so simply because they have to play in a scene that is constantly in danger. The burning speed of these songs is impressive and the way that Cursed Kingdom approach riffs and songwriting in general is pretty unique.”

“Man hört gute Musiker, die sich eindeutig die größte Mühe gegeben haben, eine vernünftige CD zu veröffentlichen. In den sechs auf das Intro folgenden Songs werden Wände eingerissen - zumindest wenn man sich das ganze in einer fetteren Produktion vorstellt. Und selbst wenn es auch deshalb insgesamt alles noch ein wenig amateurhaft klingt, ist es gleichzeitig doch recht vielversprechend, so dass man den weiteren Weg von CURSED KINGDOM im Auge behalten sollte.”

“It's interesting the way that creating music under potentially dangerous circumstances seems to bring out the best in musicians, defiance seemingly aiding their creativity. The EP 'The Wasteland', the debut release from Iranian death Metal outfit Cursed Kingdom is another one of those examples.”