Cure the Common / Press

“With a sound more loveable than Blink-182, and a general atmosphere more charismatic than Sum 41 that explodes out of just 3 tracks - Independence, MO rising pop punks ‘Cure the Common’ have released a three track EP that by any proportions has the capability to blow minds away in the space of as little as 12 minutes.... Overall, this was something I was not expecting. I generally don’t judge a book by its cover, but the name to me suggested more of a hard rock/metal influence. But after having my mind virtually blown from just three tracks, I can’t wait to hear more from these guys in the future.”

“I love these guys with their Alternative/Christian bass riff on "Carry On" Which is downloadable for free. Cure the Common has such a good melody to them. Their singer has such a nice crisp voice, the guitar and bass hold such a good melody to them. The drums even spotlight in the song about halfway in but, keep a constant good beat through out the whole way. These guys are from Independence, MO and sound fantastic. If you get a chance to catch a show in the neighborhood you should. They have 3 songs for buying at the link below. "Carry On" is free and highly recommended for alternative fans.”