Cupla / Press

“Vancouver’s Cupla are making waves among the indie scene in the downtown core. They’ve just finished recording for their new CD (entitled Letters Home) and they’ve sent me a preview song to review called “I’m Going”. The song is 3:15 and is very well mixed. The drumming Bill lays down is hard and consistent through the song and the guitars (by Ken and Bobby) sound well blended and well paced (in the bridge the guitars go off in two distinct directions and then come back together and lock in to each other). Tricia has great vocals that are monochromatic which works well with the melody, and I have a feeling that more is yet to come from this talented vocalist”

“An "old fashion rock band with heart" is Cupla's style and vision. It definately describes this amazing Southern Rock/Blues band from Vancouver. Each member share the same musical influences such as Dylan, Metallica, and Slipnot. Their album delivers stunning and promising songwriting with acoustically beautiful songs. The lyrics are poetic and express such deep feelings, while blending guitar driven rock with elements of blues.”