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“Imagine time travel without the stupidity and you'll believe Black Seal may be onto something. Rhythm shifts and we're not sure where we're being led. Black Seal wear a punk skin here and there, but the stoner sludge terrain remains underfoot, while listeners are unsure which way to turn. Pyre may be a flashback, which blurs the line between progress and tradition.”

“Black Seal's five song EP 'Pyre' is best described as a Black Sabbath cassette tape that has melted under the Florida sun. There are incoherent vocals and heavy atmospherics yet it still retains a head shaking beat. 'Pyre' is the swamp drained away to build a gun range. At times violent and upsetting, the natural waters with all its beauty still come flooding in from time to time. This is music that could soundtrack an epic, while still dangerous enough to upset your parents.”

"With Mount Everest-sized riffage, epic vocal snarls over miles and miles of reverb, and treble charge, there is no denying the power of Delray Beach's Black Seal. This group is the real-deal Holyfield. Its EP 'Pyre' scorched out brainwaves with its disemboweling proto-metal thunder and Astaroth Crowley's guttural howls. Dark and ambitious, loud and unrelenting, this record is like the psychedelic lovechild of Black Sabbath and experimental doom-metal act Pelican."

"These guys must have ate the brown acid. Florida might be known for Death "Metal but this trio is gonna put a new star on the map. Garage Punk, psychedelia and stoner jam influences all balled into one make this a sledgehammer of a listen."

"Pyre is definitely one of the top 5 releases in South Florida this year."

"This album is really dark. It could serve as a soundtrack for a horror flick. It's a mix of doom, sludge, proto-metal, hard rock, some punk and psychedelics to top it off, this is a really great album. It gets your blood boiling and, if under the right circumstances, will make you want to tear some shit up."

"I like to think that Florida's Black Seal makes the Sunshine State just a little bit darker."

"This band is all things Heavy Planet. They bring doom, sludge, stoner metal, and psychedelia. Seriously, miss this and you miss our mission."

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“Top 50 South Florida Songs of 2012 - #8 'On This Day You Lose Faith' by Black Seal -- 'Altogether unhinged and measured, Black Seal segments and compartmentalizes genres, nearly to the point of a medley. Mixing noirish atmospheric post-rock, reverberating punk, sluggish stoner sludge pacing, and early metal riffing, the Lake Worth trio of Astaroth Crowley, Robb Erwin, and Tom Beals cohesively meshes all the music that’s likely sitting in their record collection.'”

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