Cult Of Dionysis / Press

"There is just so much compassion and feeling that you can express with metal music, and it truly is a way of life.... This music is not simply a genre, metal is a lifestyle."

“Their latest single 'Behind The Mask' embellishes the foundation of solidified sounds and adds meaningful brutality to the assault herewith playing. It is hard and heavy hitting, heavier than being knocked out by a professional boxer and is sure to appeal to those who like their metal red hot. As for the quartet's debut album 'Alchemy', you would have to be wearing anti-stain pants, simply because this will make you s*** loads, riff after riff the lads slaughter every living thing in a 50 mile radius, leaving nothing left in their wake, now who said atomic bombs were powerful?”

““We heard some friends talking about ‘Metalcult’ or just ‘Cult’ and were delighted to find out that’s what they were calling the band,” Dionysis said. “So, yeah, we have a lot of names, and we use ‘em all. I think it’s good to have multiple identifiers. Maybe it makes us a bit more memorable.””

"a sound that arrives halfway between MORBID ANGEL and PANTERA, kinda like all the great forgotten promises of 1993 fully realized"

“This spring, CULT OF DIONYSIS will follow up their debut record Alchemy by releasing a brand new single titled 'Behind The Mask' via their label Metalcult Entertainment, along with a new issue of their comic book series Metalcult Comix.”

“When I first took a look at Cult of Dionysis I wasn't sure what to think. At first glance I thought to myself another cheezy band with a gimmick. As I peered deeper I found that COD in reality are true Metal Warriors. After getting over myself I started to listen in to the music. And to tell the truth I was liking what I was hearing.”

“Tipikusan amerikai zene hallható az Alchemy-n, de szerencsére az a fajta, amit az ember nagyon-nagyon szívesen hallgat, nem hatja át a divat lélektelensége, ráadásul ha a Panterát, vagy akár a Sepulturát nem unod, akkor ezt sem fogod, lévén hogy azért nagy vonalakban ugyanazon recept szerint íródott az Alchemy is.”

“Cult of Dionyss performed first to a relatively empty venue. The band had two screaming singers, one who held the higher octaves and one who held the lower octaves, who also doubled as the bass player. The band performed an aggressive and energetic set in spite of the low turnout, with the lead singer jumping into the small crowd.”

“Most of my idols are dead. Elvis. Jimi Hendrix. Jim Morrison. John Lennon. Eazy E. Dimebag Darrel. Johnny Cash. Peter Steel. Ronnie James Dio. These people made me want to become a musician and entertainer. They're gone now, but their music lives on and that is something precious to me.”

“Hmm.. Dionysus & Thor.. what's with the mythological references? I'm not sure I'm following there (since one is Greek & one is Germanic). In any case, the mix of death metal and more modern metal is good. But overall I found myself drifting off throughout. This isn't bad, but it didn't jump out and grab my attention either. Definitely missing something, though I can't quite put my finger of what that something is exactly.”