“Seeing San Jose’s Culo A Boca live for the first time can be loosely akin to seeing Gwar live for the first time: it requires just as much time spent trying to figure out their costumes and obscene props as their music. “It’s harmonious chaos,” says Fista NoGagreflexa, one of the two singers, donning an outfit that can be best described as demonic ragdoll. Over five years, Culo A Boca has taken its mesh of punk rock and theatrics to all kinds of extremes. The other vocalist, Poncho Verde, wears skin-tight leopard pants, no shirt and a Mexican wrestling mask. The rest of the band, Sideburns McBlood (bass), Rev. BJ Gums (guitar), Herpe Hancock (drums) and new-comer Dick Rigormortis (guitar) all do their best to look like flesh-eating zombies. Their audience can be as wild as the band itself sometimes. Stories of people trying to take a dump on stage, GG Allin style, and things breaking are not uncommon. Fista has had a personal request from an audience member for her to punch”

“Musically the capabilities are there which is more than apparent on the very likeable follow up entitled 'Rocketship'. In truth the subject matter is neither here nor there as it is more the music that I am interested in and here the band put forth a real strong foot. Solidly composed with a likeable spirit the ditty rocks and has many flavoursome levels that one can really get into. If the first song is merely a taster than this is more of a full mouthful and one can't help but indulge. Don't be distracted by the sexualised wordage - this band can play good punk rock. It's a quick thrust and relieves ones tension with the pace altered ideally throughout. Great guitar sequence that has hints of oriental influence. It is a raw and ready punk projection - eat it! There is a lot going on within the weave and I suggest you take this one nice and slow and carefully consider. Deviants, dudes and dirty rockin' buggers the world over - come forth (or first) and partake”

“ERUPTORS & CULO A BOCA-FUCK YOU PRETTY SPLIT) Eruptors continues to send records to me and I´m grateful to that fact because anyway before have they been better and better for every record and I hope that that is the case this time too. Messy ointro in hearts Burnin and this is music which you really want to call punkrock because this type of messy rock n roll msut be called punkrock. 5 songs with Eruptors is it on the record and it´s surely so that a liverecording with them is good. Cula A Boca have a little bit different sound and when the girl is singing so become I really happy because it feels like a new Vice SQuad-record but then comes a mad male singer and ”destroys” everything. … It´s Ok anyway…7/2-2011”

“This one showed up in my mailbox the other week with a hand drawn picture on the envelop of a punk rocker throwing bottle at another dude's head on the envelope. Plus there was Cula A Boca sticker on the envelope as well, but I had never heard of this band and wondered how this had ended up being delivered to me. As I said I wasn't familiar with Culo A Boca so these six tracks were my initiation to their insane world. This California based act are highly influences by the Misfits. Although the female vocals and their steady groove driven style helps them to put their own stamp on every song. Some of their songs were quite similar to one another,. However they lead me on a quick and fun ride with some bouncing 60's tones mixed in with early 80's punk simplicity. I enjoyed the entries from both band immensely on this split disc. Both bands have different sounds, but their love of fun and loud music shines through on this album.”

“I'm a fan of split EPs and singles TheEruptors&CuloABoca share 11 tracks in just 25 minutes.CuloABoca Complete fucking headcases would be one phrase. Comprising of two singers, one a tattooed blonde bombshell in zombie make-up, the other a crazy Mexican wrestler in spandex, they play basic American garage punk which sounds more mental yet attractive with each play. Imagine a dark American dive of a bar with only seven people in attendance and this lot playing songs titled 'Glory Hole', 'Dick In The Dirt' and 'Blow Up Doll Rape Victim (On The Side Of The Interstate)' with lyrics such as "I'm gonna shit in your mouth and duct tape it shut" (to which she seductively replies "ahhh yeh") and you'll get somewhere close to the mentality of this lot. Neither singer would be classed as particularly good but such is the intent and car-crash TV of it, you can't help but want to hear it again just to check if it was that bad/good. It's not big and it's not clever, it's just Culo A Boca”

"We love this band (how can you not love a band with a song titled “I’m going to kill you and fuck your girlfriend”?'

"When you see a a nasty zombie punk band that sings about feces, crap, and poo you expect them to be....shitty. Not the case with our second band of the night CULO A BOCA. Culo was tight with kick-ass songs and superior musicianship."

"Disgustingly entertaining, if you're mind is in the gutter you will find much to enjoy here."