Cubehead / Press

“Cubehead really embodies what independent really means... In their song "No Kuller" cubehead give us an adrenaline shot with a old school punk riot; then Cubehead gives us the ballad "the Ice Block Song" a song which embodies what a real garage band sound really should sound.”

“Cubehead’s genre is a species of its own. In all my years on the Indie Scene, I have never experienced anything like it! Buried – Above - Ground are the first 3 words that come to mind. Totally VOLTAIC! ”

“Argh !!!! What are these vocals !!! Music is (perhaps) decent but vocals ruin all. Guitars (?) at the end of the track are poor (record and production). Finally a good joke (I hope it is...) but not a good song !”

"Dany" - Hellwire