C.T.G.(Change the Game) / Press

“Changing the Game.... Sarah Cole.... Their hearts raced as they sat in anticipation, watching the crowd swarm in while they waited to perform. Cousins Dee Spence and Chris Hayes, ready to take the stage at this year’s Serendipity, grew with excitement as the seats filled up at the ....University.. of ..West Alabama....’s annual event..... They were stunned by the huge turn-out, yet the southern, hip-hop family duo pushed all doubts and nerves aside as they performed for an audience of around 1,000 cheering spectators. .... “We were blessed with a wonderful opportunity to share our music and words with fellow classmates,” remarked Spence, a junior at UWA. “That night was the night to share our love with a familiar crowd who had not yet heard our music.”.... ”