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“Overall, the project is exemplary in terms of the band's collective sound—a mixture of jazz, funk and solid original music for the new millennium.”

“Danny Seraphine is one of the world's most highly-respected rock drummers, rated by the legendary Buddy Rich as one of his favorite young drummers. Danny's innovative integration of jazz chops with a rock feel and arrangements has been cited as a major influence in many of today's great drummers. Simply put: Danny Seraphine is one of the greatest drummers of all time.”

“Ex-Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine plays in a style that, ironically perhaps, can best be described as lyrical. "To be a good drummer," he explains, "one must develop his own technique. Good timing and good taste is essential, but it is the technique that sets the truly great drummers apart from the rest." Danny believes that Chicago's most significant contribution may be in its inspiration to others. He is hopeful that Chicago will inspire other musicians to be aware of the possibilities available through the use of imagination and open minds toward forms of music other than their own.”

“It seems that since Danny Seraphine made a comeback of sorts of the 2006 Modern Drummer Festival, he’s kicked the current phase of his drumming career into high gear, appearing at events like Drummers for Jesus, the 2009 Chicago Drum Show, and a Terry Kath tribute, and making a memorable appearance at Donn Bennett’s Drum Shop in Seattle. Seraphine’s autobiography, Street Player: My Chicago Story, and new DVD, The Art of Jazz Rock Drumming, have also hit the shelves recently. MD sat down with the legendary drummer to find out more about his latest projects.”