CSOD / Press

“Heavy, hard and filled with steel intent, it’s a great intro. An accomplished, meaningful sound, well above the average punk band. There’s a gritty determination to the lyrics, a strong thrumming basis to the guitars and a distinctly heavier than heavy edge to the drums. Says it all.”

“Imagine a hybrid of MSG’s Armed and Ready and Toxic Waltz by Exodus to be, some great superfast riffage in this one. Ride The Storm with it’s changing tempo and some energy charged riffage has a Chrome Division vibe say No Bet For Free from their ‘Infernal Rock Eternal‘ album. Sexsomnia reminded me of October 31, with it’s court themed lyrics including ‘All rise’ ‘Court in session’ and ‘Clearly guilty’ I’d have to say The Verdict but it’s more of a general similarity to some of their songs and vocal style than any specific track. The last track on ‘Final Insult’ is Game Over, and it is ‘Game Over’ for this trilogy but far from being a constant source of disappointment it was a pleasure to listen to. Final Insult? Of course there are a few profanities thrown in along the way but that’s only to be expected and if you’re a fan of bands like Mastodon, Exodus or any of the others mentioned then give CSOD a punt or a pound or two – you won’t be disap”

“Constant Source Of Disappointment (C.S.O.D.), a Punk-Rock four-piece whom incorporate Thrash Metal into their sound. Not only are these ‘Bastards of Noise’ tearing up Blackpool, they’re catching the attention of the rest of the nation too. Now, the band have recently released the finale in their 666 Trilogy, and in true Hardcore style. Final Insult, released in May 2015, encompasses all of the factors of their previous releases into one pounding finish of raucous noise. So grab yourself a glass of rum and turn the volume up loud. Very loud. This is Final Insult.....”

“The only difference between CSOD and a major label act is simply that CSOD aren’t advertised week after week in metal magazines. With stunning production, songs that are as memorable as they are devastating and an attitude that’s all their own, CSOD should, in any rational world, be playing to a packed house, and if you don’t check out this EP immediately after reading this review, you should know that you are missing out on a hard rock gem. Offering no respite ‘Ride the storm’ is a thrash-infused beast that sees Cuffi tearing at his guitar like a man possessed. A blistering, fast-paced blast, ‘ride the storm’ is an easy EP highlight and is guaran-damn-teed to get metal fans into a froth.”

“A dash and to CSOD, a metalised band I know and love and who are turning up the thermals to level 'unbearable' (unless you are soaked in noisy petrol and just wanna burn to discordant death - why not indeed). This is a well drilled machine with a raucous edge enhanced by slap and dunk drums (the stand in stick man did a marvellous job), well wanked and thoroughly bruising bassism, flash and riff guitar work and of course the haemorrhaged tonsilisation that seems borne from trying to swallow too many chilly flavoured testes.”

“Constant Source Of Disappointment or CSOD are a band that I have only recently gotten around to hearing, having heard the name a few times I was always interested but never quite formed that into action. After approaching the band in regards to reviewing the Going Nowhere E.P (This release) after once again being recommended I can happily say that I am glad they allowed me this privilege and that I should of acted on my interest ALOT sooner!. Going Nowhere is the latest E.P by CSOD it is the second part of the 666 Trilogy and is the follow up to the outstanding Beginning Of The End E.P. 6 Track clocking in at just over 25 minutes. It's a tough one to actually nail down a genre for these guys as they seem to have a fantastic fusion of several genres, for example it's kind of if The Misfits had relations with Metallica & Megadeth at the same time & produced Venom who'd been brought up listening to Merciful Fate. That is just a very broad example as it's really hard”

“High impact metalised bastards from spunk-ridden Blackpool, CSOD are sociable chaps with no airs and no graces (but plenty of disgraces I hear). They ply their trade with fine DIY intent, pay no heed to the restriction of the circle in which they find themselves in and are always up for the crack - be that anally or enjoyably (so I hear - oooh that fuckin' grapevine). So the second release in what I deem to be the 666 series, 3 CD's with 6 tracks on each - or am I wrong? Anyway, after the impressive opener it is a case of here we go again.”

“And so having reached the end of the 2nd release of the trilogy I can summarise as follows. I think this 6 track collection shows development, if not of massive envelope pushing proportions, certainly in the strengthening of the foundation on which they build as a unit. There is more than a passing nod to the roots of metal in places and blends the sensibilities of 70’s Hard/Heavy Rock with the mayhem of 80’s NWOBHM to produce another well matured and highly polished slab of hand hewn Blackpool Rock. Overall the guitar work on this CD is very considered and relies on substance rather than pure speed. The bass work is understated but rock solid. The drumming epic and expansive but is not overkill and the vocal delivery is the best I have heard to date. Although part of a Trilogy this CD stands on its own two feet, and can do so proudly and is a worthy companion piece to BEGINNING OF THE END. Part Three will have a lot to live up to. As ever this is respectfully submitted ”

“CSOD - Bang - the day begins with sizzled metal that was blasted with intent via 4 lovely bastards from Blackpool. The early jiggers and swiggers were up and ready for action and this crew got em' moving with the first number 'Born Victim' setting out a pulverising stall and going for it thereon in. The flashjack guitar powered and posed, the bass griped with glee, the drums were ravaged by a man on a mission and as per, the frontman tried is hardest to turn is tonsils to sickening sludge. This was powerhouse rape and the authorities needed calling but too many were hypnotised and song after song penetrated deeper - 'Burnt Bridges', 'Sick Of You' and 'Hate Things' being several resonant examples. The warzone had just witnessed its first all out attack and survivors needed urgent musical/medical attention - help, help, help! A swift set but utterly gargantuan and one of the best opening explosions for a long while - 'Day Ruiner' was a juggernaut finish - thwack.”

“I finally caught up with these Blackpool Bastards of Noise at one of my gigs in Bradford, were they duly played and duly impressed with both output and attitude - I can't ask for more than that can I? A CD was gained, a review requested and you should know the rest - the tickle of the keys comes this way, the pixelated digits appear and this is how it all ends up looking.”

“We are CSOD! The scourge of humanity, the fear in your minds, the dark side to everyone and everything and we came to reign pure hell upon thee! The name refers to general let downs and disappointments in life. The band has been going for about 8 years - Ligzig Rightguard (vocals) and Cuffi Love (guitar) have been the regulars with a carousel of bassists and drummers, those who weren’t hardcore enough! The current line up is completed by Our Jupes (bass) and Big Red (drums), both of whom we found on Blackpool’s lower promenade, touting for business.”

“I first came across CSOD back in early August 2010 at one of the many Rebellion after show parties, this one being at the excellent Blue Room in Blackpool. http://www.myspace.com/amancalledmoose/blog/538129552 at that I time I wrote " CSOD,a local band that plays “in yer face” thrash/metally punky rock and who are obviously a favourite with the locals". I remember them as being loud, proud, a tad shambolic but having fun! This impression was further reinforced when I came across them at The Flag in Watford a couple of years ago.”

"C. S. O. D. did not live up to the name (Constant Source Of Disappointment) and knock out a controlled, heavily gruffed up set of hate-inspired noise that really woke up all in attendance. The grind of the vocals was really startling and having reviewed a CD of this band quite a few years back I can't remember things being this pebble-dashed. Fuckin' hurtful pleasure indeed.

“CSOD Local legends that's the best possible way to describe this band. I remember about 7 years ago when this town was obsessed with making metal music, and these guys were metalest! Ask anyone who's been on the scene for 3 years or more and they'll speak of this band with nothing but respect in their voices. Welcome to a world of mischief, mayhem, mishaps and general bad behavior, get ready for your ears to bleed.....Welcome to the world of CSOD!”

“hard as you like, dirty, rum swilling thrash metal outfit, Constant Source of Disappointment and they go down a storm. In your face, swaggering tight, thrash metal and they are “sick of you”. Old friends of Punk 4 The Homeless, no attitudes, play the music they want and support everyone else. They do a great Misfits cover but they don’t need to, their own stuff just bloody kicks ass, donkey, emu or whatever. A fine noise.”

“Well short it is more like an EP than a full album, come on guys give us a full length slab of Puke, I like this band they have grown and built there little slice of music and created a loud ugly fucking mess that works, all involved have grown and it shows, well sounds haha, yes the tracks are similar and I am not sure that you wouldn’t lose interest if this stayed, but as they seem to be constantly growing I doubt this would be the case, I also feel that some of the piss stained tunes they did live should have been on here haha, but maybe that the next one. So if you like your music Heavy and abusive, angry and Dark then have some of this, well worth your time and cash.”

“CSOD "Beginning of the End" - wow, what an album. It isn't often I go home with a record drunkenly bought then find myself listening to it again and again. "DayRuiner" and "Born Victim" which I heard premiered last night are as good brutal metal as I have ever heard. Nice production Mr Ronny. I find Lig and Cuffi kinda scary 4 REAL psycho bastards bless em (and this is comin from a nut, takes one to know one) which only makes the album's vibe more intense. One of the greatest unsung Blackpool bands ever!”