"CRYPTKICKER'S Debut CD delivers aggression and intensity with strong grooves...power metal is back in Cleveland"

Brian Zukaukis - WUJC 88.7 FM Radio

"CRYPTKICKER is metal that delineates a melody through the pounding sound, elevated some what by a distinctive vocalist and especially thick riffing"


“CRYPTKICKER is one of Ohio's best metal bands”

n/a - P.M. Magazine

"One of the best metal bands to come out of the Cleveland Music scene in a long time. Thier song "Numb" was the most requested song for eight weeks straight."

Scott Goodson - WOBC 91.5 FM Radio

“CRYPTKICKER are perhaps one of the greatest Heavy Metal bands in Cleveland, and in my opinion I find them to be even better than many nationally signed bands like white Zombie and pantera This band definitely deserves more publicity (positive) and a chance to break. The music scene needs more bands like this”

The Tracker - Scene Magazine

"BLESSED BE THY SHAME rules,plain and simple"

Chris Akin - music's bottom line

" In the thriving Cleveland metal scene, no name inspires as much respect as Cryptkicker"

n/a - Scene Magazine

" Cryptkicker rips open the earth and emits a belch from hell"

n/a - Scene Magazine

"without a doubt, BLESSED BE THY SHAME / UNUSUALLY LIVE LEVEL wins the award for best release locally"

Chris Akin - music's bottom line