Crypt Infection / Press

“Because the genre is an evolving beast, so singularly focused on incrementally increasing its ultra-technical skill, today’s death metal bands better get good or get lost; and make no mistake, Ventura’s Crypt Infection is damn good. Its critically acclaimed debut CD, Haruspication, released in 2011 on international death metal label Sevared Records, was a mind-blowing six-track assault made of what death metal fans worldwide crave: minutely timed, wildly unpredictable, inhumanly fast musicianship producing, in the discerning listener, a combination of disbelief and terrified awe. The band has begun turning heads at Death Fests all over the country, and living the dream, sharing the stage with deities of the genre like Incantation and Autopsy. With more planned for 2012, including a 10-track new album in the works, a music video and a headlining spot at the Central Valley Death Fest, this brutal five-piece machine is without a doubt at the forefront of that ongoing evolution.”

“What is particularly striking is that nearly perfectly timed interplay between the musicians, as if a wall is built out of string instruments, then amplified from behind by massive drumming and on top of it, a singer articulates with a pithy voice like a rusty sword running through a smoldering wound. CRYPT INFECTION keep the tradition of bands like BLASPHEMER and pathology...Whoever emerges with such deadly precision and focus is like the midnight torture chamber of Cenobites on the search for pleasure in the pain of misguided sinners who should also be allowed to stay longer on the rack.”

“The music on Haruspication is brutal technical death metal characterized by deep guttural growls, relentless drum patterns, and super-technical fretwork. The drumming from Jeremiah Taylor especially stands out to me - the man dishes out blast-beats and uber-technical patterns in every song, and is extremely fun to listen to from the perspective of another drummer. Ken May's deep guttural growls will also impress fans of John Tardy and the like. This debut EP from Crypt Infection is satisfying and powerful throughout its entire 26-minute playing time, and that's the most important thing when we're talking about brutal technical death metal. Haruspication currently stands as an impressive and highly promising debut EP. I have a feeling that Crypt Infection have a bright future ahead of them, and I'll be keeping a very close eye on them in the coming years. 3 stars are warranted for this solid release. ”

“When I looked up the meaning of Crypt Infection’s album name Haruspication I knew I was in for something that might go to a different level. The EP Haruspication contains only six songs, but with the viciousness of Crypt Infection I’m not sure I could handle many more than that. “One Percent” shows us right from the beginning that Ken May has a growl that is deep and haunting at the same time. May has an amazing ability of using his voice as an instrument even with this rapid fire style. For a band of only two years I am simply amazed at the work they have put together. An incredible growl over top of a dual guitar attack is held together by the intricate drum work of Taylor. Crypt Infection has given the world a gift of evil that will not only make you bang your head, but also make you question the garbage you have been listening to lately.”

"While Crypt Infection was playing, Grasshopper rushed up to me and said into my ear, "Holy fuck, I did not expect this. They are so fucking good." Crypt Infection dual guitar attack, and surgically precise technical death metal filled the room with fear. Their drummer was unbelievably good, his tempo like an unearthly machine programmed to crush the planet. Ken May's vocals were so low and disturbing, but it was his stage presence that sent the chill up your spine. Ken May's focus on stage was focused, brooding and murderous. I could not take my eyes of the stage. Joe Coma was in lock step with backing vocals and every song crushed exactly like their new CD "Haruspication"."