CRUTCH / Press

“Crutch performs powerful, emotionally driven, intelligent rock”

“Each member of the band seemed to bring a different background to the music, with musical styles from punk to metal to grunge. For a number of bands this is a pitfall that results in a disjointed sound that leaves you thinking that maybe the band aren't agreeing on what song they're playing but Crutch made it blend together seamlessly and turned that into a strength.”

“These guys will blow your mind away”

“It’s a raw-yet-polished piece of Canadian metal that should be in everyone’s collection”

“they really know how to satisfy a crowd”

“they have created a mature and well-developed original style that audiences absolutely love to hear & see live.”

“These guys are gonna be big some day”

Rita Carrey - Giant FM

“Right away I was blown away by the versatility of their singer. The way he was able to fine-tune the texture of his voice, deliver his lyrics clearly while singing a rough section and do everything from croon to rap kept the audience guessing as to what they were going to hear next.”